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Links 11/30/14

Links for you. Science: Magnified Plankton Looks Just Like Outer Space Our Cats, Ourselves The Problem With Prostate Screening A test that fails A Congressman Has Named A Climate Change Denial Theory After Himself Other: Wisconsin police deploy armored vehicle … Continue reading

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Blue Door

Observed on R Street, between 21st and 22nd, Northwest D.C.:

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We Are Still Collectively Losing Our Sh-t Over 9/11

From Gallup, we find these public opinion poll results: Let’s leave aside the observation that if crime were to be worse that year than the previous for many years, we would be in a sci-fi dystopia at this point. It’s … Continue reading

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Links 11/29/14

Links for you. Science: Publisher discovers 50 papers accepted based on fake peer reviews A Lifesaving Transplant for Coral Reefs No Tech Worker Shortage, No STEM Crisis Clues to Bees’ History, Tucked Away in Drawers Unearthed: Thanks to science, we … Continue reading

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Voice of America

Observed on the Voice of America Building, D.C.:

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Obamacare: Better Than Is Not the Same As Good Enough

Five years ago, when very bright people were extolling the virtues of Massachusetts’ Romneycare (the guide to Obama’s ACA), I noted that people wouldn’t be able to afford good healthcare: Because most humans, as opposed to MIT economists, would think, … Continue reading

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Links 11/28/14

Links for you. Science: The Viagra Of The Himalayas Brings In Big Bucks And Big Problems The Importance and Neglect of Variation – part 1 The hype cycle starts again Black Swans, Frankenfoods and Disaster Fairy Tales An investigation of … Continue reading

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