Links 11/27/14

Gut Yontif! Let’s celebrate with some links! Science:

Today in #Ebolanoia: W. African girls suspected of Ebola in Ohio have flu
‘Disastrous’ health campaign feeds Pakistan’s worrying polio spike
African Bats: Conservation in the Time of Ebola
The Excrement Experiment: Treating disease with fecal transplants.
Ebola is scary, but antibiotic resistance should scare us more


Five Bedrock Washington Assumptions That Perpetuate Our Middle East Policy Train Wreck (excellent)
Marion Barry: D.C.’s Rascal King: Objectively a bad mayor, Barry was also a classic American urban chieftain. (excellent)
Judaism Must Embrace the Convert
The Chemist: Understanding Marion Barry
Let a Democrat Run the Pentagon
10 (Not Entirely Crazy) Theories Explaining the Great Crime Decline
End Fraternities
FYI, See Below
“To Be in Barry’s Proximity Could Be Better than Drinking the Elixir of Life”
Marion Barry’s Unstoppable Appeal: The “Mayor for Life” was flashy, imperious, and full of personal weaknesses. That’s what made him human.
Marion Barry: “A Voice for the Voiceless”
The Streetcar Is Dead, What Comes Next? (I find this interesting, as it argues that politicians should be held accountable when they claim to have more pressing priorities)
The death of Marion Barry
Doctors Tell All—and It’s Bad: A crop of books by disillusioned physicians reveals a corrosive doctor-patient relationship at the heart of our health-care crisis.
When Pedestrians Ruled the Streets: The driverless car may take a while to catch on—just as the automobile did a century ago

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