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Links 9/25/18

Links for you. Science: Medicine’s Financial Contamination Our seasons are out of whack, which is really bad for migratory birds Mathematics Shows How to Ensure Evolution Why Mathematicians Can’t Find the Hay in a Haystack GenBank will start using expanded … Continue reading

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The Strange Silence Of Education Reformers

Despite the ‘education reform’ movement’s fetishization of the Common Core curriculum*, they never seem to defend the integrity of school curricula. Today’s episode in non-reaction comes from Arizona (boldface mine): Arizona Superintendent Diane Douglas tapped a young-earth creationist to serve … Continue reading

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Links 9/24/18

Links for you. Science: Vertebrate Genomes Project Releases First Assemblies; Describes Challenges, Plans NASA’s Space Probes Shouldn’t Be Tacky Billboards Study cracks open the secrets of the cancer-causing BRCA1 gene Blazes of light reveal how plants signal danger long distances … Continue reading

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The Republican Puke Funnel Is A Little Bent

Not sure it’s broken, but definitely bent. Last week, Ed Whelan, a Republican operative who, despite his involvement in the slimming of John Kerry’s war record, is considered to be a Serious Conservative Thinker, launched a ridiculous notion that Kavanaugh’s … Continue reading

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Links 9/23/18

Links for you. Science: How Long Does the Flu Last and How Long Is It Contagious? Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis Causal Variants Defined by Fine Mapping, Functional Analyses The ASBMB PAAC responds to NIH efforts to address sexual harassment … Continue reading

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What Is Wrong With D.C.’s Metro In One Tweet

Brought to you by veteran D.C. reporter Tom Sherwood: As alternatives to Metro proliferate, constricted Metro service adds to its irrelevance. It's mostly a commuter system now. Despite some reform efforts, its management/workforce/infrastructure is stuck in a 1970s view of … Continue reading

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Links 9/22/18

Links for you. Science: NIH Policies to Address Sexual and Gender Harassment in NIH-supported Extramural Research Repositive to Launch Personalized Cancer Model Matching Service FDA Mulls Guidelines for NGS-Based Infectious Disease Diagnostics Why Rainfall Is Hurricane Florence’s Biggest Danger, Not … Continue reading

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