The Problem Kavanaugh Faces After His Thursday Testimony

All hail the women on the left.

The problem Kavanaugh faces is this:

To believe Kavanaugh, GenXers who went to college in the 1980s have to completely ignore their own experiences.

Colleges, especially the elite ones, were permeated with a weekend culture, disproportionately based around some fraternities (or similar organizations) and fueled by excessive alcohol abuse, that for too many ranged between PUA bullshit and outright rape. Even if you didn’t partake in it very much yourself or tried to avoid it, it thoroughly infiltrated the social environment.

One reason it was so extensive was due to guys like Brett Kavanaugh–everyone from that era recognizes someone like him, regardless of where they attended college.

Effective lying–not that one should be a liar–does not fly in the face of people’s own lived experience.

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4 Responses to The Problem Kavanaugh Faces After His Thursday Testimony

  1. So. Sick. Of. Dudes. Like. Kavanaugh.

  2. GM says:

    I’f I’m an SJW or a Democrat partisan hack as you are, I would be very very careful making this sort of argument.

    Because in 2018 pretty much everyone in college knows about some innocent guy around them who got Ttile IX-ed by a vengeful/psychotic former girlfriend/classmate.

    So by your very own logic no sexual assault allegation on campus these days should be believed given all the rampant lying about it.

  3. Or 1970’s. When I went to a college that was just like that.

  4. Mark says:

    I wonder if some of the Republicans on the committee think of dormitories like when they went to school, with house mothers, curfews, and boola-boola.

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