Links 9/28/18

Links for you. Science:

A mystery dinosaur in the nation’s basement
Pod mods and vaping are creating a new generation of youths addicted to nicotine
Ancient Megadrought Causes Present-Day Drama
The Case for Expensive Antibiotics
DNA Forensics Is Helping Authorities to Catch Elephant Ivory Cartels


Men Are More Afraid Than Ever
Bowser to back Dionne Bussey-Reeder, council challenger to Elissa Silverman
It’s Time to Start Ignoring Social Media
“Excuse me ma’am, I speak wingnut.” Ben Carson’s comments linking the Kavanaugh accusations to the Fabian Society might sound like gibberish. But if you are fluent in right-wing mythohistory, it’s perfectly logical.
You’re Probably Not Getting that Loan Forgiveness You’re Counting On
In the ’80s, boys’ prep schools like Kavanaugh’s could be bastions of misogyny
Off the Table
Of Course Ted Cruz Should Be Publicly Ostracized
Workout Buddies
Deborah Ramirez and the Suffocating Banality of Assault
DCRA Isn’t Doing Enough To Crack Down On Housing Code Violations, Says D.C. Auditor
The Boys’ Club That Protects Brett Kavanaugh
I have known men of great character from Georgetown Prep. My son is named after one, another is my daughter’s Godfather. I would trust those men with my life.
Who Talks Like This
Kavanaugh Has Exposed the Savage Amorality of America’s Ruling Class
Let’s talk about the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Who could disagree with Ethics and Public Policy?
The Interrupters’ Hard Work Pays off With ‘She’s Kerosene’
New Algorithms Perpetuate Old Biases in Child Welfare Cases

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