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Every Link Read, Guaranteed!

Unlike many ‘curators’*, we here at Mike the Mad Biologist Industries read every single link we post, from start to finish. Cuz we care. Or something. *As someone who actually curates stuff for a living, gathering together a bunch of … Continue reading

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My Favorite Pictures of 2015

From this blog: Orchid Overcast Transition Ginkgo Leaves November Evening Rose Sun Ra Tread Carefully Yellow Rose of Seaton Street Stead Park Mural Sure, Why Not? Blue and Gray Lattice Yellow Rose of S Street Windy (since torn down…) Beware … Continue reading

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The Mad Biologist’s Most Read Posts, 2015 Edition

Actually, it’s hard for me to determine that, since I’m no longer a paid blogger, so I’m not doing things like sticking posts below the fold. Put another way, about ninety percent of people come through the front door (and … Continue reading

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The Death of Links

This, by Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan who was jailed for six years and as a result had extremely limited contact with the internet, is excellent (boldface mine): Blogs were gold and bloggers were rock stars back in 2008 when I … Continue reading

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Why Is Everyone Claiming Blogs Are Dying?

I’ve encounter many posts recently claiming or rebutting the notion that ‘blogs are dying’ (here are two good posts). I don’t understand this claim: I get more readers now than I did when I was at ScienceBlogs–and ScienceBlogs had two … Continue reading

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Happy Blog Amnesty Day!

Well, I’m actually a day late, but I’ve always viewed the Notorious B.A.D. more as something like Lent or the Counting of the Omer. The history and motivations behind this celebration can be found here. The rules, set out by … Continue reading

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The Mad Biologist’s Most Popular Posts of 2015

In case you missed them (of course, since posts are on the front page in their entirety, this is really a measure of Twitter mentions. Anyway…). Top ten science-related posts: P-Values and Power of Test: Why So Many Results Can’t … Continue reading

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