Links 12/17/19

Links for you. Science:

The Next Nuclear Plants Will Be Small, Svelte, and Safer: A new generation of reactors will start producing power in the next few years. They’re comparatively tiny—and may be key to hitting our climate goals.
‘Dump it down the drain’: How contaminants from prescription-drug factories pollute waterways
The War on Polio Just Entered Its Most Dangerous Phase
Mathematician Terence Tao Cracks a ‘Dangerous’ Problem
Ancient DNA confirms humans wiped out northern hemisphere’s version of the penguin


Trump Is Waging War on America’s Diplomats
Julián Castro is right: Iowa should not be first
Democrats plan ‘unprecedented’ effort to flip state legislative chambers in 2020 state races
The Strange Death of Social-Democratic England
The progressive prosecutor movement is great — but without funding public defenders it won’t work
Buttigieg and McKinsey
Is Donald Trump a supporter of Israel? Sure — he’s also an anti-Semite
What’s Behind the GOP’s Disinformation Machine?
“We made it up”: Ex-Infowars editor says he published lies about Muslim community to spread hate
Thank you, Brooklyn
Here is a short, four-part story about Tucker Carlson’s hate-filled idiocy
Garry Kasparov: I lived in the post-truth Soviet world and I hear its echoes in Trump’s America
The Chinese Roots of Italy’s Far-Right Rage
Is Being Homeless a Choice? Trump’s Pick to Lead the Federal Agency on Homelessness Thinks So.
Sure Karen
You: Setbacks are really important for neighborhood character. Me…
Evil is Baked into Big Tech’s Business Plan. Now What?
How ‘dark patterns’ influence travel bookings (the word should be ‘fraud’)
How Even Minimal Densification Could Yield Millions of New Homes
2020 Campaigns Throw Their Hands Up on Disinformation

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