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Links 6/30/19

Links for you. Science: When a New Study Debunks Science, Don’t Ignore It: The world should know that there’s no biological difference between liberals and conservatives (excellent; must-read) This Local Mosquito Researcher Is Trying To Build A Bug That Doesn’t … Continue reading

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I’m Not a Big Fan of Tax Easements, But If You’re Going to Use Them…

…this is the right way to do it (boldface mine): A decades-old District institution on Georgia Avenue NW looks like it’s slated for a 10-year tax abatement, after the black-owned bookstore lobbied for relief from the city. The D.C. Council … Continue reading

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Links 6/29/19

Links for you. Science: HPV vaccine now recommended through age 45 in some cases Beta Blockers Were a Miracle Cure for My Stage Fright. Then they took over my life The U.S. Needs to Tighten Vaccination Mandates Where To Find … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist posts–with an EXTRA BONUS WEEK! (cuz I missed last week): Big Cannabis? Cars Turned Everyone Into Lawbreakers Why Pelosi Might Be Opposing an Impeachment Inquiry: Margolies-Mezvinsky Anti-Abortionism: One Part Fanaticism, One Part Cynicism Will ‘Biden … Continue reading

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Links 6/28/19

Links for you. Science: Public Sewage Revealed Shift Away From Illegal Weed After Legalization Analysing the mouse microbiome autism data Emails: Trump official pressed NASA on climate science The secret social lives of viruses HIV Is Spreading in West Virginia. … Continue reading

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You Are the Traffic: The Boston Red Line Breakdown Edition

Recently, in an effort to make D.C.’s WMATA feel good about itself, Boston’s T, specifically the Red Line, was pretty much broken due to a derailed train that wiped out much of the signaling infrastructure. As with so many unplanned … Continue reading

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Links 6/27/19

Links for you. Science: The U.S. Is Purging Chinese Cancer Researchers From Top Institutions Jessica Biel says she supports vaccines — which is exactly what anti-vaxxers say (though in private…) This Town Comes Alive Once a Year, as Thousands of … Continue reading

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