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Links 9/30/14

Links for you. Science: Scientists Find ‘Direct Link’ Between Earthquakes And Process Used For Oil And Gas Drilling These Stunning Photos of Greenland’s “Dark Snow” Should Worry You Bad News for Obama: Fracking May Be Worse Than Burning Coal. New … Continue reading

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17th and R

Observed in Dupont Circle:

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Drone Strikes As a Failure of DHS

One of the reasons we are conducting air attacks in Iraq and Syria is because of a group called Khorasan, which is supposed to be planning nefarious evil doings against the ‘homeland.’ Unfortunately, it seems Khorasan might be a bit, … Continue reading

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Links 9/29/14

Links for you. Science: Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium? STEM Grads Are at a Loss: Those who claim there’s a STEM skills shortage are ignoring the evidence. To Get More Out of Science, Show the Rejected Research … Continue reading

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Observed on the D.C. Metro (each number is the year of a World Series win):

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By Their Friends Shall You Know Them: The Students First Edition

It’s hard to believe Education First, the anti-teacher union ‘reform’ group founded by Michelle Rhee, really cares about students, especially minority students, when they actively support bigoted legislators. From the Great State of Georgia (boldface mine): Remember the Georgia state … Continue reading

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Links 9/28/14

Links for you. Science: New DNA Sequencing Method to Diagnose Tuberculosis (not sure this qualifies as a new method, but still very interesting) Illegal, Immoral, and Mood-Altering: How Facebook and OkCupid Broke the Law When They Experimented on Users Via … Continue reading

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Observed on 27th Street between N and Olive, Georgetown, D.C.:

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Dawkins and the Unscientific Arrogance of Mansplaining Rape

A recent column by Katha Politt, “Atheists Show Their Sexist Side: What is wrong with the men at the helm of the movement?” reminded me of this idiotic tweet by Richard Dawkins: Date rape is bad. Stranger rape at knifepoint … Continue reading

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Links 9/27/14

Links for you. Science: Retrospective–The mythology of bioinformatics Renewable energy: Wind power tests the waters. The United States has plenty of strong winds offshore, but it has struggled to harness them for energy. US hospitals ‘unprepared’ to safely handle infectious … Continue reading

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