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Higher Education Downsizing and ‘Real’ Majors

There’s an entire outrage industry built on attacking various university departments that don’t teach ‘anything useful.’ Various state governors have jumped on board, and attempt to defund departments, the ones that they find politically incorrect. That’s how the discourse is … Continue reading

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Je Suis Beeple: Should the Mad Biologist Go Full NFT?

There’s a lot of people with money who desperately need to be taxed more. We read with disgust how non-fungible tokens or NFTs are going for ludicrous prices. Essentially, here’s what they’re buying (boldface mine): An NFT is a type … Continue reading

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Political Momentum

One of the worst political metaphors is the notion of political capital, as it suggests the ability to do things is a scarce resource that must be hoarded and preserved. At the risk of pissing off the physicists, we should … Continue reading

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Predisposed to a Pandemic: The Nursing Home Aide Edition

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted that a sane COVID-19 response would have these four economic pillars: Rent and mortgage suspension, for businesses and residents. Temporary universal healthcare coverage, including for those who lost their jobs. Some … Continue reading

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Personnel Is Policy

And if we’re fortunate enough not to have a second Trump term, we need to pay attention to whom Biden appoints to key positions. In terms of economics, Robert Kuttner points out what rank-and-file Democrats need to get ready to … Continue reading

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COVID-19 IT: Following the Money

Last week, there was a bit of a dustup over the administration’s decision to have COID-19 hospital data sent to HHS directly and not sent to the CDC. While I think that’s a bad move, largely because it will take … Continue reading

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Will Teleworking Become More Common Post-COVID-19?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned writing this blog, it’s that prediction is very difficult, even if–or perhaps because–one is an expert in a given area. That said, I think this take on teleworking is correct (boldface mine): I simply … Continue reading

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There Is No Plan: The Restaurant Reopening Edition

In D.C., restaurant operators have no idea what to do when an employee tests positive for COVID-19 (boldface mine): If you follow local restaurants on social media, you’ll notice messages on trend with the stats: More employees are testing positive. … Continue reading

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One Reason Some Governors Want to Reopen So Quickly

Follow the money (boldface mine): Republican governors in states like Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina have announced plans to begin reopening their states’ economies despite warnings by health officials that it’s too early to do so. The decisions mean that … Continue reading

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Safety, COVID-19, and Republicans

Oh my? Just to follow up on a footnote from Wednesday’s post, it’s pretty clear that many Republicans (#NotAll…) want to restart businesses at the expense of the health and lives of workers. This should surprise no one. For four … Continue reading

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