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Purchasing Pundits

Because the news filter does matter. Many moons ago, I noted that a certain precious pundit appeared to be cashing in on his punditudeness. Well, seven years later, and we still have this problem (boldface mine): A review of several … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Is Wiping Out Down Ballot Campaigns

When thinking about presidential candidates, one thing people discuss is their ‘coattails’, the effect they’ll have on state and local elections. Well, #OKBloomberg is having an effect down ballot, and it’s not good (boldface mine): Bloomberg entered the presidential race … Continue reading

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Democrats Should Have Gone After Emoluments

And other forms of monetary corruption. The case is so obvious even the liberal New Republic Jonathan Chait can see it (boldface mine): Meanwhile Trump is engaged in massive personal, ongoing corruption. The Washington Post has obtained Secret Service receipts … Continue reading

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Apps, Corruption, and Lovable Losers

If you follow U.S. politics at all, you’re aware that an app designed to transmit the Iowa caucus results utterly failed Monday night. I don’t want to get into the weeds on how it failed–though it smacks of incompetency. Nor … Continue reading

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When They’re Not Bagmen, They’re Grifters

Ivanka is in trouble with the D.C. Attorney General (boldface mine): Then-President-elect Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka were warned in 2016 that the family business was overcharging the nonprofit presidential inaugural committee — and let it happen anyway, according … Continue reading

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How to Defeat the Axis of Authoritarianism

A couple of years ago, presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a foreign policy speech in which he decried what he called “the international authoritarian axis.” It’s good rhetoric, but the question is what would that foreign policy look like? … Continue reading

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The Tax Cut Bill Was Horrible

In a very good story about all of the problems in Il Trumpe’s and the Republicans’ (band name!) horrible tax bill, which is little more than a massive looting by companies, this section was noteworthy for a couple of reasons … Continue reading

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