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U.S. Elected Officials Are Telemarketers

With Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez flummoxing the professional Democratic class with her apparent media savvy, it’s worth reminding people that media savvy or, for that matter, policy expertise are not the primary qualifications for higher elected office. As some asshole with a … Continue reading

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If Trump Weren’t President, He Would Be Just Another Guy Mueller Flips

Because it’s bagmen all the way down. With last week’s deluge of Trump investigation stories, I think we’re in danger of forgetting what the impetus for the Mueller investigation was. The investigation was a counterintelligence investigation, not a Trump mistress … Continue reading

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Punish Companies That Store But Can’t Protect Your Data

I would be worried about the recent Marriot data breach, but I’m already taking defensive measures because I’ve been a victim of data breaches. At this point, who hasn’t? Nonetheless, this proposal is a decent start (boldface mine): This doesn’t … Continue reading

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What If We Funded Science The Way We Funded The Pentagon?

Or maybe we shouldn’t. Anyway, Dave Lindorff describes just how screwed up the Pentagon budgeting ‘process’ is (process is scare quotes because process implies some sort of nominally rational and comprehensible process; boldface mine): On November 15, Ernst & Young … Continue reading

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They Are Really Sleazy People

The venality of the Trump-era Republican apparatchik has no lower bound (not that the pre-Trump ones were good people). Take, for instance, Paul Erickson, who was stupid enough to think that an attractive woman half his age really did want … Continue reading

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Paid Leave And D.C.’s Petite–And Petty–Bourgeoisie

So The Washington Post only endorsed Reeder for the At-Large Council position, citing opposition to Silverman on the basis of her support of D.C.’s paid family leave law. This should be expected for an editorial page run by Fred Hiatt … Continue reading

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Council Chairman Mendelson Is Still Being Disingenuous About Initiative 77

Tuesday, the D.C. Council passed the first vote to overturn the Initiative 77 referendum which would have raised the minimum wage for tipped workers to $15/hour by 2025. One of the supporters of Initiative 77, Council Member Elissa Silverman, proposed … Continue reading

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