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Clientelism Isn’t Centrist

It is lucrative, however. A while ago, some asshole with a blog discussed the problem of clientelism–which is not the same as corruption. We’ll outsource an explanation of the difference (boldface mine): “Clientelism” is a bit different because it is … Continue reading

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One More Reason Why This ‘Old’ Democrat Has Trust Issues With The Democratic Establishment: The TX-7 Edition

So the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has decided to put its thumb on the primary scales again (boldface mine): The DCCC, the official campaign arm of the House Democrats, was coming off a disappointing showing in the 2016 elections, … Continue reading

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Republicans: Corrupt and Cheap

A while ago, the Republic National Committee was criticized for using its funds to pay for Il Trumpe’s legal expenses, and the RNC then stopped. Well, never fear (boldface mine): Soon after the Republican National Committee came under pressure for … Continue reading

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What MLK Thought About Consumer Culture

During the Super Bowl, Dodge did a very bad thing by using a Martin Luther King speech to sell pickup trucks. It’s the epitome of the safe, harmless reinvention of King, though the people who proclaim they’re not racist, but … Continue reading

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The NRA As Collateral Damage From Il Trumpe

This only be a good thing (boldface mine): Maybe the most explosive omission pertained to a Russian mob boss who also happens to be good friends with Vladimir Putin and the deputy governor of the Russian central bank. Alexander Torshin, … Continue reading

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If Trump Goes Down, It Will Be Over Money Laundering

This is what, if anything, will do Trump in (boldface mine): BuzzFeed News’ months-long investigation is the first to examine sales of Trump condominiums for indicators of possible money laundering and the most comprehensive analysis to date of all 22 … Continue reading

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A Hypothesis About The NY Times Political Reporters

The motivations of the NY Times political reporters have always baffled me. They’re not left or right in any meaningful sense of the word: I get where The Nation or The National Review are coming from, but the NY Times … Continue reading

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