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Trump Declares War On Your 401(k) Retirement Money

I’ve never been a fan of the shift from defined benefit pensions to 401(k) plans: they’re nothing more than a way for brokers to charge excessive fees, and to give wealthy people a tax cut for something they were already … Continue reading

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D.C., Snowstorms, And Graft

Oh my! Fortunately, D.C. hasn’t had much in the way of snow this year (boldface mine): D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s administration spent more than $40 million on snow removal for a single major storm last year, hiring contractors at … Continue reading

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Why Are Congressman Price’s Financial Problems Only Now Coming To Light?

So this doesn’t look good for Trump’s Health and Human Services nominee (the parent organization of the NIH and the CDC; boldface mine): Georgia Congressman Tom Price is proving once again that when it comes to flouting conflicts of interest, … Continue reading

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Ethics And Publication

Recently, Drugmonkey noted the following: If the lab head tells the trainees or techs that a specific experimental outcome* must be generated by them, this is scientific misconduct. Which brings us to this NYT article (boldface mine): The bee findings … Continue reading

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House Republicans To Eliminate Any Meaningful Ethics Oversight

Yesterday, the Republican House Caucus voted to eliminate the independent Office of Congressional Ethics (‘OCE’) and replace it with an “Office of Congressional Complaint Review” under the control of the House Ethics committee. This is really bad as it essentially … Continue reading

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If Only There Were An Entity That Could Create Money And Use It To Fix The Broken Things

Add this to ‘The Ongoing Suburban Fiscal Crisis’ files. The New York Times has an article about the ongoing attempts to privatize U.S. infrastructure using private equity firms (boldface mine): The Times analyzed three deals in which private equity firms … Continue reading

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Meet The New Silicon Valley Boss, Same As The Old Economy One

In times of crisis, you learn what people are really made of (boldface mine): I’m still coming to terms with seeing Sheryl “Lean In” Sandberg sitting behind her bottle of Trump water, an arms’ reach from a guy who boasted … Continue reading

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