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Krugman’s Really Ugly Assumption

In the midst of a very good column about job losses, Paul Krugman drops this turd (boldface mine): A different, less creditable reason mining and manufacturing have become political footballs, while services haven’t, involves the need for villains. Demagogues can … Continue reading

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Brand Before Country

Making America great again (boldface mine): Trump’s three oldest children — Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric — and Kushner have been frustrated by the impression of chaos inside the White House and feel that their father has not always been … Continue reading

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Bidnessmen Iz Weird

Consider Secretary of State and Laird High of His Demesne Rex Tillerson (boldface mine): Secretary of State Rex Tillerson takes a private elevator to his palatial office on the seventh floor of the State Department building, where sightings of him … Continue reading

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People, Hopefully, Are Learning Something From Il Trumpe’s Russian Connection

I have no idea whether there will be a ‘smoking gun’ connecting Il Trumpe to Russian hacking. Besides, he openly asked Russia to meddle in the campaign. The real ‘secret’ is that Trump has a lot of really shady business … Continue reading

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Contractors, Corporate Lobbyists, And Government Workers

Paul Glastris, in an article about government service, makes a good point about corruption (boldface mine): More broadly, the federal workforce, at 2.8 million employees, is the same size it was in the 1960s when Peters was part of it, … Continue reading

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Bannon, International Man Of…WTF?!?

We’ve discussed elite racist, presidential advisor, and possible tax fraud Steve Bannon before, but now he is under investigation for residency fraud, which is usually an attempt to claim residence in a low (or no-) tax state in order to … Continue reading

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Grabbing The REINS

So this bill, if passed by the Senate and signed by Il Trumpe, will be a disaster–and it went virtually unoticed (boldface mine): Last week, under the cover of a media bliss-out except among Koch funded right-wing channels, the House … Continue reading

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