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The Republican Grift And The Rise Of Il Trumpe

Ryan Cooper makes a very good point about the belated opposition to Il Trumpe (boldface mine): But that brings me back to the hamfisted incompetence that has characterized the anti-Trump forces from the very start, from Jeb Bush’s pathetic showing … Continue reading

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Gulen, Charters, And Campaign Contributions

Oh my? I will leave it to experts on Turkey to opine about whether the Gulen movement, whose leader Fethullah Gulen lives in exile in Pennsylvania, was involved in the attempted coup in Turkey. But if he was, or even … Continue reading

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How “Choice” Outsources Work To Customers: The Healthcare Edition

Amazing what happens when reporters–and Sarah Kliff is a good one–actually have to live the stories they cover: I write a lot about health care for my job here at Vox, and have spent the past seven years covering and … Continue reading

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The War On Science: The NFL Edition

Whenever you read about assaults on the scientific process, it’s safe to say you should always follow the money (boldface mine): The league’s conduct with the NIH was strikingly similar: a deficient and false process, with an attempt to strong-arm … Continue reading

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What Democrats Must Learn From Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Never trust a bagman–or a New Democrat. And as we’ll see, it’s often really hard to tell the difference. Chicago mayor, former Clinton and Obama apparatchik, and New Democrat has always had a strained relationship with Chicago’s public schools. When … Continue reading

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The Dirty Hippies Were Right About the Hillary Victory Fund Contribution Laundering

So, will Paul Krugman and other pundits who claimed Sanders wasn’t helping down ballot candidates retract those statements? As we’ve discussed before, the claim that Clinton is helping down ballot candidates while Sanders is not is bullshit–it’s clear that the … Continue reading

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Incorruptible Politicians

One of the weird things this campaign season has been the reversal by many Democrats–mostly those who support Clinton–who have now embraced the Republican notion that campaign contributions don’t corrupt politicians (actually, they clientelize them through various means, but those … Continue reading

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