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Pay to Play: This Should Be a Scandal, Were Any Major News Agency to Cover It

Claiming that politicians are corrupted by money is a time-honored practice. But this article from the Intercept, which lays out in excruciating detail, how success at raising campaign donations translates into House chairmanships and other positions, is stunning even for … Continue reading

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Ito and the Board Oversight Problem

Over the weekend, there was more fallout from Jeffrey Epstein: Joi Ito, who was the director of MIT’s Media Lab and who had received money from Epstein for both the Media Lab and his own ventures, resigned and left the … Continue reading

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Now Would Be an Excellent Time for Donald Trump to Release His Tax Returns

No conflict of interest–pun intended–here (boldface mine): President Trump stands to save millions of dollars annually in interest on outstanding loans on his hotels and resorts if the Federal Reserve lowers rates as he has been demanding, according to public … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan Embraces the Congressional Retirement Plan™

Many moons ago, I described the Congressional Retirement Plan™: I think he’s [Paul Krugman] right in that it’s not about the campaign contributions. If their reluctance to support a public option were based solely on the electoral calculus of campaign … Continue reading

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There Is No Mystery to the NY Times: It’s All About the Money

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted: A key reason why the NY Times seems so confounding to liberal-ish (and farther to the left as well) observers is that they really have two different target audiences, but only … Continue reading

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Acceptable Drug Dealers

They attended the best schools and wear very nice suits (boldface mine): …in recent months, as government officials seek to assign blame for the opioid crisis that has strangled large parts of the nation, McKinsey’s advice is surfacing in ways … Continue reading

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Warren and a New Consultant Model

Over the years, I’ve tried to emphasize the importance of political consultants to the (mis)fortunes of the Democratic Party. Once a candidate embraces the DNC, DCCC, or DSCC, they often get locked into a set of political consultants they are … Continue reading

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