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If You Care About Open Data, Then Il Trumpe’s NOAA Nominee Is Disturbing

This is not good for science (boldface mine): As a top executive at AccuWeather, Barry Myers has pushed for limits on the kinds of products that the National Weather Service offers to the public, saying they offered unfair competition to … Continue reading

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How To Demoralize The Federal Workforce: The Charter Flight Edition

When Republicans haven’t spent the last week trying to kill thousands of their (supposedly) fellow Americans, HHS Secretary (and former Republican congressman) Tom Price has been defending himself from reports that he chartered over a dozen private–and expensive as hell–flights … Continue reading

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The Political Economy Of Equifax And Easy, Bad Credit

Yves Smith makes a very important observation about Equifax, the data collection company that was unable to secure personal data on 143 million Americans (boldface mine): Understand what happened here. Methods of screening borrowers that would seem to be common-sensical, … Continue reading

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Equifax Could Be A Real Crisis For Trump

Unlike most of his ‘crises’ which are self-inflicted. Last Thursday, 143 million Americans discovered that the personal information they use to establish credit, take out loans (and is used by employers), and to register to vote was stolen from Equifax. … Continue reading

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Equifax And Voting: A Tale Of Two Breaches

By now, you might have heard about the Equifax data breach (boldface mine): Equifax, which supplies credit information and other information services, said Thursday that a data breach could have potentially affected 143 million consumers in the United States… The … Continue reading

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It’s Like There’s A Circumscribed Range Of Professionally Acceptable Opinions

Oh wait, you thought I was referring to Republicans? Nope (boldface mine): The New America Foundation has received more than $21 million from Google; its parent company’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt; and his family’s foundation since the think tank’s founding … Continue reading

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The Democratic Divide And Trust

David Atkins writes a well-intentioned piece about how Democrats can unite (boldface mine): The key to ending the war between the sides, ironically, isn’t to widen the tent but rather to narrow it in selecting acceptable candidates. Social liberals worry … Continue reading

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