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Warren and a New Consultant Model

Over the years, I’ve tried to emphasize the importance of political consultants to the (mis)fortunes of the Democratic Party. Once a candidate embraces the DNC, DCCC, or DSCC, they often get locked into a set of political consultants they are … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Epstein Indictment (And Where He Got His Money)

Given the subject matter, none of them can be called nice: All of the ‘careful what you wish for Democrats, this could backfire’ pundit talk just shows how little the pundit class understands Democratic voters. Very few of them are … Continue reading

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When ‘Moderate’ Democrats Aren’t

Part of the lefty side of the discourse, such as it is, is too quick to lob the epithet neo-liberal at people who genuinely don’t agree with or think it’s practical to enact left-wing policies. I think they’re wrong, but … Continue reading

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The Rent Is Too Damn High: The 14th Street Edition

Returning to a running theme–business rents are too high–let’s look at D.C.’s 14th Street, NW (boldface mine): It’s been hard to ignore the takeover that’s been happening along the 14th Street corridor. Slowly, independently and locally owned restaurants that helped … Continue reading

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The Business Rent Is Too Damn High

While housing in many areas is too expensive, it’s worth remembering that business rents are also too damn high. Today’s example is the Sizzling Express in D.C.: Hang’s been getting a lot lately because after nearly 20 years as a … Continue reading

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Housing, Crises, and Cronyism

A few years ago, I noted that D.C.’s Mayor Bowser, while committed to ending homelessness and building more housing, proposed a plan that was essentially payback her campaign contributors, while costing far too much for housing. Well, she is consistent … Continue reading

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The Campaign Industrial Complex

If you ever wonder why Democratic officials are so hapless, consider this filter most of them must squeeze through (boldface mine): I don’t recall being asked about my platform but they wanted to know how much I thought I could … Continue reading

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