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When Even The Devil Doesn’t Want His Due…

…you know your name is Trump: As this column has noted previously, virtually no big United States banking institution has done new business with Mr. Trump in years, in part because of his history of bankruptcies and his penchant for … Continue reading

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Yahoo’s Mayer Is A Bad CEO

Ever since she took over Yahoo and subsequently screwed up Flickr, I haven’t been Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s biggest fan. But this is awful (boldface mine): When Marissa Mayer took over as chief executive of the flailing company in mid-2012, … Continue reading

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Insulin Prices In The U.S. Doubled From 2000-2009. But Not In The U.K.

Last week, I wrote about what insulin price gouging does to diabetics–who make up nearly ten percent of the U.S. population. In the U.K., insulin is much cheaper: U.S. prices are over five times as high as those in the … Continue reading

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The Context In Which Political Reporting Occurs

Journalists can talk about editorial-advertising divides all they want, but it’s hard to believe this isn’t a serious consideration in editorial decisions (boldface mine): As local television outlets prepared their business plans about a year ago, they had reason to … Continue reading

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If This Doesn’t Lead To Fair Drug Prices, Nothing Will

Pharma arrogance, thy name is insulin (boldface mine): Millions of diabetes patients around the United States are experiencing a health crisis due to massive increases in the price of insulin, which these patients need to live. They are being forced … Continue reading

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Theranos: If L. Ron Hubbard Ran A Biotech Company

It’s hard to do Nick Benton’s expose of Theranos justice, but here’s a taste: She left the war room for her car—she is often surrounded by her security detail, which sometimes numbers as many as four men, who (for safety … Continue reading

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I’m Sure This Is Just A Coincidence: The D.C. Contracting Edition

Just when D.C. Mayor Bowser does something good like not let a developer weasel out of affordable housing promises, she does this (boldface mine): The head of the D.C. Department of General Services has resigned and two top staffers are … Continue reading

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