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The Conservative Con Rolls On

While the left, construed very broadly, needs to keep an eye on the #Resistance grifters, they have nothing on conmen like Alex Jones (boldface mine): Kelly Jones compared Mr. Jones’s marketing to that of a televangelist, preaching to his faithful, … Continue reading

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Why Does Senator Susan Collins Hate Free Speech?

Well, at least the Roberts’ Court definition of free speech, which is to say campaign donations. Republican Senator Susan Collins isn’t happy with the online pledge effort that has raised over $1 million and would be donated to a Democratic … Continue reading

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What Is The Political Consultant Fee Structure For Online Ads?

A couple of weeks ago, the NY Times ran this op-ed (boldface mine): President Trump may not be up for re-election until 2020, but since May 31, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee — his re-election campaign — has … Continue reading

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D.C.’s Initiative 77 Just Became Even More Relevant

During the D.C. primary election this June, D.C. voters approved Initiative 77 which would raise the minimum wage for tipped workers (restaurant and non-restaurant) to $15/hour by 2026. It was more popular in lower-income and non-white areas, and did not … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Senator Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act

Last week, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced the Accountable Capitalism Act. While it obviously would never pass a Republican Congress, here’s what the bill proposes (boldface mine): Requires very large American corporations to obtain a federal charter as a “United … Continue reading

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White Collar Crime, Which Hurts All Of Us, Must Be A Top Priority For Democrats

In many ways, Il Trumpe et alia are the culmination of years, if not decades, of the failure to prosecute white-collar crime–looking forward, not back, if you will (boldface mine): But America’s federal institutions are not the only ones designed … Continue reading

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Making Asbestos Great Again

While the caterwauling freakshow that is the Trump administration continues apace, they are also passing some hideous regulations–with bonus Russia action! (boldface mine): One of the most dangerous construction-related carcinogens is now legally allowed back into U.S. manufacturing under a … Continue reading

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