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Median and Marginal Voters: When Good People Get Conned

Before Il Trumpe has been annointed, there’s already a spate of stories about people who are disgusted by Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, who like many bank CEOs profited by foreclosing on people’s homes (often fraudulently or over … Continue reading

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Trump Announces Open Season On U.S. Jobs

More five-star sizzle on a one-star steak (boldface mine): Carrier, the company that changed its plans to shutter a plant in Indianapolis and shift production to Mexico after talks with President-elect Donald Trump, confirmed Wednesday that it would receive financial … Continue reading

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Trump Voters To Give Massive Tax Cut To ‘Coastal Elites’ They Despise

Never mind the kleptocracy, it’s just the same old conservative con (boldface mine): President Donald Trump is set to give America’s richest 1% an average annual tax cut of $214,000 when he takes office, while more than eight million families … Continue reading

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Democrats Lost Because The Democratic Party Is Run By Losers

Or, if you prefer #JeSuisZach (boldface mine): On Thursday, Democratic Party officials held their first staff meeting since Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to Donald Trump in the presidential race. It didn’t go well. Donna Brazile, the interim leader of the … Continue reading

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Evan Bayh And The Congressional Retirement Plan™

Many moons ago, I described what I call the Congressional Retirement Plan™, which at the time, was a novel concept (boldface added): I think he’s right in that it’s not about the campaign contributions. If their reluctance to support a … Continue reading

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The Problem Is Not One Of ‘Tone-Deafness’

David Dayen, whom progressives usually like unless he’s criticizing Clinton, in which case he is TEH SUXXORS (as the kids used to say), notes the following about speeches she gave to various investment banks (boldface mine): Far from chiding Goldman … Continue reading

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David Bossie’s Citizen United Targets Old People With Dementia

Because scammers gotta scam. David Bossie, who is not only the founder of Citizen United, a rightwing activist group, but also an advisor to Donald Trump has a very interesting fundraising model. And by interesting, I mean vile (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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