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Sick Leave Lowers Flu Transmission: Lessons From D.C.

I’ve discussed many, many, many times how stupid it is to oppose sick leave policies. After all, do you really want someone who is sick handling your food? (Answer: no). A recent working paper appears to back up that claim. … Continue reading

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Influenza and The Misuse of Antibiotics

Sometimes I think nothing changes when it comes to the responsible use of antibiotics (boldface mine): Antibiotic prescriptions were given to nearly half of all flu patients, and half of those prescriptions were for broad-spectrum antibiotics… Out of 14,487 patients … Continue reading

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Do This

Flu season is starting, so protect other people from you–get your flu shot:

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A Public Health Question About the Bird Influenza Epidemic

You might not be aware of a massive bird flu epidemic ripping its way across the U.S.: Iowa, where one in every five eggs consumed in the country is laid, has been the hardest hit: More than 40 percent of … Continue reading

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Maybe If We Panicked About Influenza Like We Did Ebola…

Oh, who am I kidding? Meanwhile, dead babies (boldface mine): Flu is now widespread in 46 states and has killed 26 children, health officials said today. “This year is shaping up to be a bad one, particularly for people 65 … Continue reading

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Infectious Disease Counterintuitry

If you don’t like the word I invented (I’m rather fond of it), slatepitch will do just fine. Speaking of Slate, a Slate writer was granted space on the New York Times op-ed page to decry the effort to keep … Continue reading

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The Question That Needs to Be Asked of the Ebola Fear Mongers

It is this: Have your had your flu shot? Between norovirus and winter vomiting disease, we’re going to have a lot of false alarms, if the hysterical reaction to Ebola right now is any guide. The fewer people coming down … Continue reading

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