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Apples and Oranges, COVID-19 and Flu

Comparisons of COVID-19 to influenza have been used to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic. As you might imagine, there has been a lot of ‘data torturing’ to argue that COVID-19 deaths, which have now passed 60,000 in the U.S., … Continue reading

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Pharmacies Need to Be Part of Fighting Influenza

And right now, they aren’t (boldface mine): When adults want a flu shot, they have two choices: go to the doctor or go to a pharmacy. But in most states, laws prevent parents from just walking into a pharmacy and … Continue reading

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Viruses Don’t Care About Politics

You know how, in a bunch of science fiction movies, there’s a scientist who says, “Don’t do this”, but nobody listens, and then everything goes to shit? Well, humanity is so fucking stupid (boldface mine): For over a year, the … Continue reading

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We Need National Mandatory Sick Leave

Or, as some asshole with a blog put it, “Would you like some norovirus with that Subway sandwich?” But workplace transmission isn’t just for norovirus! (boldface mine): For 20 million Americans, staying home sick is a luxury. Every year, that … Continue reading

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Flu Vaccination Helps

A lot (boldface mine): These high hospitalization rates equated with a substantial influenza burden of illness during the 2016–2017 season with an estimated 30.9 million people getting sick with influenza, 14.5 million going to a health care provider for influenza, … Continue reading

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In Public Health, Defending The Status Quo Isn’t Good Enough

Public health programs, which is to say their funding, are under assault by Il Trumpe and the Republicans (WORST BAND NAME EVAR). Recently, they announced they would cut programs that track and combat infectious disease in other countries–for those of … Continue reading

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If You Ever Wonder Why Doctors And Scientists Get Shouty About Vaccination

Here’s why (boldface mine): Ms. Rogers had been sick for five days. Because she used an inhaler, Dr. Greenberg offered her a prescription for Tamiflu, even though it normally is effective only within the first two days of infection. Ms. … Continue reading

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Sick Leave Lowers Flu Transmission: Lessons From D.C.

I’ve discussed many, many, many times how stupid it is to oppose sick leave policies. After all, do you really want someone who is sick handling your food? (Answer: no). A recent working paper appears to back up that claim. … Continue reading

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Influenza and The Misuse of Antibiotics

Sometimes I think nothing changes when it comes to the responsible use of antibiotics (boldface mine): Antibiotic prescriptions were given to nearly half of all flu patients, and half of those prescriptions were for broad-spectrum antibiotics… Out of 14,487 patients … Continue reading

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Do This

Flu season is starting, so protect other people from you–get your flu shot:

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