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On The Margins, Or Finely Interwoven?

While racism has become an increasingly discussed topic over the last few years, Clinton’s use of the phrase “basket of deplorables” to describe racists has made the ubiquity of racism something even the political press corps. What I often read … Continue reading

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Racists Are An Essential Part Of The Republican Coalition

This is nothing new either. Friday and through this weekend, the political Twitterz were all… a twitter about Clinton claiming that “half” of Republicans were in a “basket of deplorables”–that is, they are bigots and racists. Nearly twelve years, back … Continue reading

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The ‘Alt-Right’ Have Always Been With Us: The Sartre Edition

By way of Matt O’Brien, we observe that Sartre, in 1946, described ‘alt-right’ trolls–which is to say, right-wing bigots: The ‘alt-right’ are just the same assholes that have always been with us, just with new branding. While lots of people, … Continue reading

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Stop Calling The Racist Right ‘Alt-Right’

Too many pundits are over-thinking the ‘alt-right.’ They’re just the same mean, bigoted, racists that the right has always appealed to since the Republicans adopted the Southern Strategy decades ago. Since then, Republicans have never been able to win without … Continue reading

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Who Enjoys “The Right To The City”?

Because we believe intersectionality should be more than a tribal marker, we bring you this report from Baltimore by Lester Spencer (boldface mine): It’s clear from the DOJ report that the Baltimore City Police Department routinely stops, harasses, detains, and … Continue reading

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Clearly, The Rothwell Paper Indicates That There Is A Genetic Basis For White Trump Support

And I mean that as seriously as when I argued that Massachusetts whites were genetically superior to Alabaman whites–which is to say, not all. But I’m getting ahead of myself. One of the more frustrating things of this election cycle … Continue reading

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25% Of Non-Black Clinton Supporters Are Bigoted Sh-theads: Blanket Definitions Of Voting Blocs Are Stupid

See update below And shithead non-black Sanders supporters are at about twenty to thirty percent, if that makes you feel any better. Last week, Reuters released a poll which asked supporters of various presidential candidates about their attitudes towards black … Continue reading

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