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Who Enjoys “The Right To The City”?

Because we believe intersectionality should be more than a tribal marker, we bring you this report from Baltimore by Lester Spencer (boldface mine): It’s clear from the DOJ report that the Baltimore City Police Department routinely stops, harasses, detains, and … Continue reading

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Clearly, The Rothwell Paper Indicates That There Is A Genetic Basis For White Trump Support

And I mean that as seriously as when I argued that Massachusetts whites were genetically superior to Alabaman whites–which is to say, not all. But I’m getting ahead of myself. One of the more frustrating things of this election cycle … Continue reading

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25% Of Non-Black Clinton Supporters Are Bigoted Sh-theads: Blanket Definitions Of Voting Blocs Are Stupid

See update below And shithead non-black Sanders supporters are at about twenty to thirty percent, if that makes you feel any better. Last week, Reuters released a poll which asked supporters of various presidential candidates about their attitudes towards black … Continue reading

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When History Rhymes: Wallace And Trump

I’ve been working my way through Stayin’ Alive: The 1970s and the Last Days of the Working Class by Jefferson Cowie. This part about the support for segregationist 1968 presidential election candidate George Wallace seems relevant (boldface mine): The governor … Continue reading

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Integration and Transportation: Why This Stuff Matters

Or one reason, anyway. From Robert Caro, who wrote a book about public sector transportation magnate Robert Moses (boldface mine): I remember his [Moses’] aide, Sid Shapiro, who I spent a lot of time getting to talk to me, he … Continue reading

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Welfare Reform Reality: The Mississippi Delta Edition

I’ll have more to say about this at some future point, but one of the unspoken influences in the Democratic primary is the use of racist and sexist stereotypes in the 1990s to sell welfare reform–largely for political gain (within … Continue reading

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What Believing Welfare Reform Was Good Means In Reality

And it’s worth noting one candidate supported welfare reform for a very long time–Clinton–and one opposed it, Sanders. The reality, not the rhetoric (boldface mine): A generation earlier, even people in Scott’s situation had advantages that she lacks. They tended … Continue reading

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