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Deplorables Still Walk Among Us

And there are more of them than just a few years ago (boldface mine): Three in ten (30%) Americans say they think it should be permissible for a small business owner in their state to refuse to provide services to … Continue reading

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Cars Turned Everyone Into Lawbreakers

And we’re still paying the price for that. There’s a really interesting article about the effects of the automobile on policing and law enforcement (read the whole thing). For me, this was the key part (boldface mine): Contrary to what … Continue reading

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Democratic Voters Are Better Than, but Many Are Still Bad

And we need to recognize that. Last week, this poll came across the transom: As you might imagine, it was correctly viewed as bigotry. Then the polling outfit broke this down by party affiliation: < While most people were focusing … Continue reading

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Stop Talking About ‘Love’ And ‘Hate.’ Bigotries Are Ideologies

While I’m gladdened by the outpouring of support after another synagogue shooting, I’m getting tired of framing this as a battle between ‘love’ and ‘hate.’ Bigotries, whether they be anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, or racist, are not just psychological dysfunctions, nor are … Continue reading

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Maybe We Should Be Honest About Appeals To (Certain) White People?

Ed at Gin and Tacos has an interesting take on the candidacy of Democratic presidential hopeful (another one) Tim Ryan (boldface mine): Do a quick twitter search for “Tim Ryan working class” and you’ll see how many headlines and reports … Continue reading

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Blackface And Racism In The Commonwealth

I spent quite a few years in Virginia and have relatives who still live there, and the recent revelations that both the governor* and the state attorney general both donned blackface in the 1980s don’t surprise me at all. Today, … Continue reading

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“Confederate National Origin?”

I understand that notions of identity are fluid and changing and that others shouldn’t define people’s identity (e.g., Christian conservatives bandying about notions of who is a ‘good’ Jew). But this, from Charlottesville, is odd (boldface mine): Ultimately, no one … Continue reading

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