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Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Is Not A Trumpist Phenomenon

It’s a conservative one. I stumbled across an old post I wrote from 2007 about immigration, ““What Is The Real Beef With The Immigration Bill?”“. It could have been written today–nothing has changed. In other words, Trump has tapped into … Continue reading

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Trump White House Doubles Down On Anti-Semitism

Yesterday, I noted that the Trump White House Holocaust Memorial Day Proclamation completely omitted any mention of Jews or anti-Semitism. Well, Il Trumpe et alia doubled down on historical revisionism (boldface mine): The White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance … Continue reading

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Trump’s Holocaust Memorial Day Proclamation Forgets Jews And Anti-Semitism

Yep, Il Trumpe issued a Holocaust Memorial Day proclamation that didn’t mention Jews or anti-Semitism at all. But Very Serious People told me Trump advisor and elite racist Steve Bannon isn’t an anti-Semite. Nope, not all.

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Republicans To Hide Housing Discrimination–GOP Is A White Nationalist Party

Republicans are pushing the “Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act of 2017” (pdf), which among other things has this provision: Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no Federal funds may be used to design, build, maintain, utilize, or provide access to … Continue reading

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Will There Be A Balm In Gilead To Heal The Sin-Sick Soul?

This seems more important than it did last year: (from here) These excerpts from a speech Martin Luther King gave to striking sanitation workers in Memphis seems appropriate for the political moment. The speech: My dear friends, my dear friend … Continue reading

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Nicholas Kristof Goes Data-Free On Racism

Before I get started on Kristof, it’s worth remembering there’s a difference between the median voter and the marginal voter. People who vote for a candidate don’t do so for the same reasons, and, at the margins, they can be … Continue reading

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Meet The New Nazis, Same As The Old Nazis

Can we please knock it off with the ‘alt-right’ bullshit: One thing to keep in mind is that these guys rarely use racial epithets–they don’t need to because everyone in the crowd knows exactly what is meant. But don’t kid … Continue reading

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