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Blackface And Racism In The Commonwealth

I spent quite a few years in Virginia and have relatives who still live there, and the recent revelations that both the governor* and the state attorney general both donned blackface in the 1980s don’t surprise me at all. Today, … Continue reading

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“Confederate National Origin?”

I understand that notions of identity are fluid and changing and that others shouldn’t define people’s identity (e.g., Christian conservatives bandying about notions of who is a ‘good’ Jew). But this, from Charlottesville, is odd (boldface mine): Ultimately, no one … Continue reading

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MLK On Civil And Human Rights

This lengthy article (pdf) about Martin Luther King from 1968 is worth a read today. It’s a very good rebuttal to those who would ignore the economic consequences and causes of racism.

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When They Tell Us Who They Are

Bigot eruptions aren’t just for Republican congressman and elite racist Steve King. It now appears that Republican congressman Jason Smith, who is part of the Republican leadership team, had an ‘incident’ on the House floor. While Democrat Tony Cardenas was … Continue reading

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Trump, The Stereotypical President

Paul Campos lists all the ways Il Trumpe*, according to racists, would be the stereotypical black president: 1. His almost indescribable laziness… 2. His need to constantly go on “vacation” after not doing any work in the first place… 3. … Continue reading

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Understanding A Key Part Of The Democratic Coalition

I have been making this point since the 2016 election, but this is worth emphasizing again (boldface mine): Some Trump voters are undoubtedly racist. But racism is a popular and bipartisan endeavor. A much touted Reuters/Ipsos poll from 2016 showed … Continue reading

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Understanding ‘Bad’ Democratic Voters: The George Soros Edition

A point I have tried to make repeatedly, as it bears on how Democrats can win elections in a country with a lot of white Christian bigots, is that a significant fraction of white racists vote Democratic (typically one-third to … Continue reading

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