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When The Republican Party Flirts With Nazis

There’s an excellent article about the rise and (beginning of) the fall (hopefully) of the fascist, racist right. What’s disturbing is that no one seems to have picked up on this important part (boldface mine): In Everything You Love Will … Continue reading

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What Will It Take To Describe Il Trumpe’s Utterances As Racist?

And I’m not snarking. In case you missed it, Il Trumpe said this in front of two U.S. senators (boldface mine): President Trump grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they floated restoring protections for immigrants from … Continue reading

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Yes, Trump Is A Racist

As I’ve noted before, Il Trumpe is just a typical frightened, old, bigoted Fox News viewer. The latest installment (boldface mine): But so many foreigners had flooded into the country since January, he vented to his national security team, that … Continue reading

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One More Nazi Interviewing Tip

To follow up on yesterday’s post about how a Nazi human interest piece means you conducted a bad interview, there’s one other question that should have been asked: since you were at Charlottesville, what do you think about the murder … Continue reading

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Normalizing Nazis Is Bad Journalism

On Saturday, the NY Times inexplicably published an article that essentially normalized a Nazi radical. One weird thing is that there were two different headlines for the story, “In America‚Äôs Heartland, the Nazi Sympathizer Next Door” and “A Voice of … Continue reading

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The Path To Victory Goes Through ‘Progressive Deplorables’

Before I get to a superb article by Briahna Joy Gray, it’s worth noting some inconvenient truths (to use a phrase) about the Democratic voting population: The most optimistic reading of this is that at least one out of five … Continue reading

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For Il Trumpe, Mexican Is The New Puerto Rican

I’ve made this point before on the Twitterz, but we’ll outsource the long version to Greg Laden (boldface mine): Where I grew up, all the white people sorted out and looked down upon each other by closely defined European ethnicity, … Continue reading

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