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For Il Trumpe, Mexican Is The New Puerto Rican

I’ve made this point before on the Twitterz, but we’ll outsource the long version to Greg Laden (boldface mine): Where I grew up, all the white people sorted out and looked down upon each other by closely defined European ethnicity, … Continue reading

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Politics In The Face Of Ineradicable Racism

Max Sawicky has a good review of Ta-Neisi Coates recent essay, “The First White President.” Sawicky’s post is worth the whole read, but this part echoes something I’ve been writing about for a while (boldface mine): My claim is that … Continue reading

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Trump Officials Are Treating Him Like A Typical Fox News Viewer

As we’ve mentioned before, Trump’s political opinions are those of a Fox News-watching old man. Which means he can be manipulated in exactly the same way by conservatives–including his own staff (boldface mine): …the standard conservative mental model of “welfare” … Continue reading

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The Centrality Of Anti-Semitism To The Alt-Right

In the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville murder, I noted the following: One thing to keep in mind regarding the specific racists in Charlottesville: they hate Jews. While Il Trumpe has used white supremacy to gain political power, anti-Semitism is as … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Road To Hate

The Washington Post, on Sunday, published an article “The Road to Hate” about six Nazis who participated in the Charlottesville riot. Some thoughts below: Personal status, which is partially defined by economics, is important. Both in terms of gaining access … Continue reading

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Not A Good Day For A Jewish Charlottesville Congregation

Leaving aside what motivates the median Trump supporter, one of the key motivations, if not the key motivation, of Neo-Nazis specifically is anti-Semitism. Which makes this report all the more disturbing (boldface mine): On Saturday morning, I stood outside our … Continue reading

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We Used To Understand This

A U.S. military training video from 1947:

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