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Understanding ‘Bad’ Democratic Voters: The George Soros Edition

A point I have tried to make repeatedly, as it bears on how Democrats can win elections in a country with a lot of white Christian bigots, is that a significant fraction of white racists vote Democratic (typically one-third to … Continue reading

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The Left Is Still Misunderstanding How (Some) Racists Vote

At this point, I realize I’m having as much effect as shouting at clouds, but until the left, construed broadly, begins to understand that Democrats win 25% – 35% of the white racist vote, we’re going to continue to get … Continue reading

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Personal Responsibility In The Heartland

Or, what’s the matter with Iowa? Usually, when I’m discussing voting, I approach the topic from more of a ‘how do we get people to pull the lever’ perspective. The danger in constantly thinking like that, however, is that you … Continue reading

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The Drivers Of Hate Are Not Geographically Uniform

Earlier this year, a very interesting paper was released describing how the factors that might give rise to hate groups aren’t uniform across the U.S. (a free version is available here). In hindsight, this seems obvious, but it’s actually important: … Continue reading

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Republican Senator Chuck Grassley Uses Anti-Semitism

There’s a lot to say about the Kavanaugh disaster, and I might have more to say later (hopefully, it won’t be too derivative–there are professionals who are paid to be Johnny on the spot for these kinds of events). But … Continue reading

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The Only Way We’re Ever Going To Get Our Internal Security Forces Under Control Is…

…when we inflict them on native-born white people. Consider this episode in genteel ethnic cleansing (boldface mine): On paper, he’s a devoted U.S. citizen. His official American birth certificate shows he was delivered by a midwife in Brownsville, at the … Continue reading

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Nazis Are Comin’ To Town

You better not laugh, you better not cry*… ok, I’ll stop, but the Nazis are coming to D.C. (seems like they’re more like a KKK-linked group, but who really gives a fuck about the exact taxonomic identification of these assholes). … Continue reading

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