Because They Need to Win Republican Primaries

That is the answer to why most Republicans–those running for office, with the exception of Sen. John Cassidy (who voted for Trump’s second impeachment)–are keeping quiet about Trump having dinner with two famous anti-Semites. There is no political gain to be had in pissing off the White Christian supremacist base, and very little downside, given the influence of those very same voters.

In light of this survey of HR personnel, in which seventeen percent–one in six–said they had been told by their employers to not hire Jews, along with a rise in anti-Jewish attacks, perhaps the general Republican response, while vile and disgusting, should not be surprising.

I’m old enough to remember when overt anti-Semitism was a red line. Not anymore I guess.

*I would like to know more about the survey, since I have some methodological questions, but I doubt the percentage of anti-Semitic employers is zero or one percent.

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3 Responses to Because They Need to Win Republican Primaries

  1. the whole thing is ridiculous. what do these bigots think will happen? all the jews running publishing and radio and televission stations and banks will resign, pack up and move to israel??? so much batshittery

  2. David says:

    Imagine the lack of mental clarity of a hiring manager not hiring jews because “jews have too much power and control” (the most common reason in the survey). If I had “too much control”, you would hire me. And if I had “too much power”, I wouldn’t need your stinkin’ job in the first place!

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