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Either Incompetent Or Authoritarian: The D.C. National Guard Edition

And I’m not referring to the members of the D.C. National Guard. This is disturbing (boldface mine): The U.S. Army general who heads the D.C. National Guard and is an integral part of overseeing the inauguration said Friday he has … Continue reading

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House Republicans To Eliminate Any Meaningful Ethics Oversight

Yesterday, the Republican House Caucus voted to eliminate the independent Office of Congressional Ethics (‘OCE’) and replace it with an “Office of Congressional Complaint Review” under the control of the House Ethics committee. This is really bad as it essentially … Continue reading

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Time To Recess Appoint Some Federal Judges

Obama should do this–if nothing else, he needs to protect loyal Democrats, and more good federal judges would be a great place to start (boldface mine): Beyond the personal insults he will endure, and the pain involved in watching his … Continue reading

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What If Changes In Murder Rates Have Very Little To Do With Policing?

A recent Washington Post op-ed has put the issue of a Ferguson Effect back into the news. But what if policing, whether it be community-based, search and destroy, more (or fewer) cops on the beat, and so on has little … Continue reading

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Democrats Need to Make a Positive Case For Their Nominee

With Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia’s passing, there has been a lot of chatter about the strong possibility that Republicans in the Senate will attempt a scorched-earth opposition to any nominee Obama proposes (at least one Republican senator has said … Continue reading

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Self-Appointed WMATA Chief Secretary Foxx Is Solving the Wrong Problem

Because appointed, unaccountable dictators–aka ’emergency managers’–worked so well in places like Flint, Michigan. Why not expand this successful model to D.C.’s Metro (boldface mine): “The most important thing to me with respect to WMATA is getting the safety culture right … Continue reading

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“Just a Few IQ Points”

When the story of the Flint, MI mass poisoning broke, it was clear, based on existing research, just how much of a future educational catastrophe this will be for an already stressed community (boldface added): To put this in context, … Continue reading

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