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Once Again, Papers Are Professional Currency

At least in biology. And nothing will change until funders decide things should change. Mathematician Timothy Gowers writes about peer review (boldface mine): Defences of formal peer review tend to focus on three functions it serves. The first is that … Continue reading

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Incentives And Closed Data

So NEJM, which is not aware of all data sharing traditions, published a very silly opinion piece/proposal about sharing of data from clinical trials. While the entire article appears to have fallen out of the stupid tree and hit every … Continue reading

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Publisher Concerns Over Priority Should Never Trump Learning More About Rape

Does posting on PubPeer count as prior publication? Journal says yes, rejects letter rebutting campus sexual assault data Consider this a case study in when publishers’ prerogatives run roughshod over the needs of scientists–and society as a whole (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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Biology Papers Are Currency

I recently came across this putzish Ars Technica story about preprints in biology, and it demostrates how little many supposedly knowledgeable people understand the professional incentives of biologists, best demonstrated by this section (boldface mine): This move has been met … Continue reading

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Ecce Homo: When Publishers Force Scientists to Fit Cost-Driven Models–And Fail

By now, you’ve probably heard about the incredible discovery of a new hominin (genus Homo)–unless you’ve been living in a cave (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?). There are lots of angles various articles and blog posts have taken, but Buzzfeed’s … Continue reading

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I Still Do Not Understand The Economics of ‘Free’ Internet Ads

A couple of years ago, I wondered if the rise of ad blockers and tools that nuke various internet trackers would undermine the ad-based internet model: But while this [ad blocking] brings the Mad Biologist joy, it’s an economic disaster. … Continue reading

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The Mandatory Sentence in the LaCour Coverage That Matters

So the science Twitterz and bloggysphere is being roiled by the LaCour scandal, which involves a whole lot of scientific fraud along with ridiculously shoddy oversight. But what I keep reading in every story–and then which is dropped like a … Continue reading

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