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Federal Judge Rules Against Patenting the Sun

The real problem here is that many hospitals and most doctors are not doing simple molecular biology techniques, commonly done in high school laboratories, as part of standard practice.
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Transportation: The Hidden Cost of Housing

Is this where some of the anti-tax anger is coming from–there is essentially an outer suburb and exurb ‘tax’ in the form of high transportation costs.
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Billionaire Pete Peterson’s Quest to ‘Reform’ Social Security: Follow the (His) Money

I’m certain that Peterson is a high-minded patriot concerned only about the fiscal health of our country, but he has a massive conflict of interest.
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Evolution as Policy, Not Symbolism or Critical Thinking

Evolution matters because evolutionary biology matters.
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Saturday Links

Happy Saturday. While I’m away, here are some links for you.
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State Taxes and How Science Just Got a Lot More Inconvenient

Any scientists (or anyone else) reading who file income taxes in states in which they do only a few days work?
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I Would Be Interested in Kindle, If It Could Help Me Read Faster

And it could, if done right.
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A Good Thing That Came from Healthcare Reform: A Student Loan Public Option

Think of this as a public option–you can apply directly to the government for a college loan.
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Tuesday Links

I heard some kind of healthcare bill was passed or something. While I puzzle this out, here are some links for you
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Romneycare for All!

This should indicate just how nutty bonkers the Republican right and conservative movement have become: they think passing a plan similar to Romneycare, to a Heritage Foundation plan, to the plan proposed by Bob Dole in 1994, is the cold, dead hand of socialism.
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