Links 8/20/17

Links for you. Science:

Australia to ax support for long-term ecology sites (horrible)
The Bees Are Better, But They’re Not All Right
DNA vs. the Machine
The Origin Story of Animals Is a Song of Ice and Fire
At Last, a Big, Successful Trial of Probiotics


Why Are Drug Prices So High? These Politicians Might Have The Answer (important history–and note the role Blue Dog Democrats played)
Liberals Helped Create Trump’s New Bogeyman, the “Alt-Left”
In case you haven’t notice, the FB page for the March for Racial Justice is a shitshow right now. The march is scheduled for Yom Kippur.
Why don’t all CEOs quit Trump’s advisory councils? (because they’re greedy cowards)
Why Public Company Ownership Is Irrelevant to Monopolies
The Lost History of an American Coup D’État
Why Trump’s Condemnation of Neo-Nazis Has Been So Underwhelming (well, this and he’s a racist)
The Ways Tech Companies Alienate Women
Guam, America’s Forgotten Front Line
Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site
The Case Against a Consumption Tax (the implementation will be a nightmare–very complicated)
Californian Who Helped Lead Charlottesville Protests Used Berkeley as a Test Run
Air traffic control in America isn’t broken and doesn’t need to be fixed
D.C. Gives Fewer F*cks Than The Rest Of The Country (On Twitter, Anyway)
Lessons for the news media from Charlottesville
Transit projects have to make impossible guesses on ridership predictions
How Women In The KKK Were Instrumental To Its Rise (equal opportunity grifting!)
What did you expect from Trump?

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