New Democrats Are Still F-cking Morons

Since the 2016 election, two Democratic strategies have been proposed–and to be clear, I disagree with both of them:

  1. Jettison issues like women’s rights and civil rights, and move left on economics to regain white working class votes.
  2. Stop the leftward economic move, and double down on ‘identity politics’ to win over white upper-middle class and gentry class people.

Again, I disagree with both of these strategies. At least, though, there’s an internal logic to them.

Yet the New Democrats–and while they call themselves ‘centrists’ (even as they are conservative), they’re still the same old New Democrats–have decided that cultural issues are divisive, so therefore Democrats must jettison left-ish economics.

They are fucking morons.

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3 Responses to New Democrats Are Still F-cking Morons

  1. mal says:

    The corporatist Dems are scared shitless of Bernie. Dane Milbank had a piece last week in the Post blaming Sanders for … the coming 2018 mid-term losses. Incredible. These Dems are more afraid of Sanders than the Republicans.

  2. Ten Bears says:

    They don’t want our votes. They want Republican votes.

  3. Tom_b says:

    The irony is, the social issue stuff is what motivates me to canvass and vote for Democrats. The other irony is that majorities strongly support access to women’s healthcare, racial tolerance, education, LGBT rights, environmental stewardship, single payer, curbing police brutality– all Democratic platform issues. Throw away the things that actually work in your favor? No way; crazy idea.

    It kills me that almost ALL the Republicans are willing to go full-bore, KoolAid guzzling, right-wing tin foil hat crazy and we can’t elect at least a healthy dose of progressives?

    We should all agree: the future is California; not Alabama, West Virginia.

    Other nations are now fully convinced we are a laughingstock; a soon-to-be ex-superpower.

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