Links 8/19/17

Links for you. Science:

A Simple Move to Save Thousands of Lives From Overdose
Beards and Gore-Tex: does palaeontology have an image problem?
White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests. Some don’t like what they find
Zika has all but disappeared in the Americas. Why?
Thousand-year-old Viking fortress reveals a technologically advanced society


Most Americans want universal healthcare. What are we waiting for?
The ‘Many Sides’ of Trump’s Moral Rot
From a Cville Resident: This crisis had been brewing for a long time
Letter: Family denounces Tefft’s racist rhetoric and actions
“The Changing of the Guard:” the prescient 1980 book that foretold neoliberalism
The Cost of Trump’s Security and the Generous Donation of His Presidential Salary
We Need To Talk About The Anti-Semitism At The Charlottesville Protest
Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism
Pathetic Moment from Kos on Twitter (Heather Heyer, who was a Sanders supporter, hadn’t even been dead for 24 hours)
With No Place To Charge, D.C.’s Electric Cab Drivers Ask For Help (a problem most technophiles don’t mention)
The Worst Person In America
It’s No Longer About Southern Heritage. In Fact, It Never Was.
Charlottesville car attack suspect has a history of domestic violence, like so many other terrorists
‘Freedmen,’ an alternative to HBO’s alternative history, ‘Confederate’
The President* Should Be in Charlottesville. Period.
Are Local Races Important? Are You Kidding? Karen Keys-Gamarra – Fairfax County VA School Board
Why did the statue go down so easy? Many “Lost Cause” era C monuments were mass-produced in the cheapest way possible for mass distribution.
The Statues of Unliberty: Eight Confederate leaders are honored with sculptures in the halls of Congress (South Carolina should replace one of theirs with James Longstreet)
Teen tackled by bystanders after vandalizing Boston Holocaust memorial (twenty years without any incidents until Trump was elected)

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