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Internet Hype

In an interesting review of Brian McCullough’s “How the Internet Happened”, Bradley Babendir writes (boldface mine): It’s interesting, to a point, to hear what tech gurus lie about and why. Mostly, they rely on silly founding myths because they need … Continue reading

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The Phrase We’re Looking For Is ‘Corporate Surveillance’

Motherboard gets so close (boldface mine): While we understand why some are describing the data Kogan handed to Cambridge Analytica as a breach, based on what’s been reported so far, we believe that describing this incident as a breach would, … Continue reading

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If Companies Won’t Pay Your For Your Data…

…then maybe we should make them. I’m getting ahead of myself here. With all of the hullabaloo about Mark Zuckerberg possibly running for president (though probably in the wrong party), it’s worth remembering just how creepy a company Facebook is … Continue reading

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When Algorithms Censor

First they came for the socialists… (boldface mine): In the three months since Internet monopoly Google announced plans to keep users from accessing “fake news,” the global traffic rankings of a broad range of left-wing, progressive, anti-war and democratic rights … Continue reading

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Anonymous On Assange

Apparently, if this thread is to be believed, Anonymous doesn’t care much for Jullian Assange at all. It argues that Assange is a “fascist ideologue” who is using the ‘ideological reputation’ of Wikileaks’ other founders to dupe people. Put blunty: … Continue reading

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NIST Makes Sense On Password Protection

Do you hate being forced to change your passwords on a regular basis, even though there’s no need to do so? I do. If nothing else, it forces me to use passwords that are easier to remember–and thus more easier … Continue reading

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Twitter Is Run By Idiots

With the latest Twitter improvement–which pulls random tweets into my timeline out of order–I’ve finally become exasperated with Twitter. Does anyone at that company actually use their own product? I realize the harassment issue is ‘hard’–which is to say, it … Continue reading

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