Why I Dislike Email

While there is a small cottage industry explaining why email is awful, my HAWT TAEK is the HAWTEST. The real problem for me isn’t the format, though it does leave something to be desired. It’s that there’s too much of it. It’s not just that it’s a chore to slog through all the damn emails, but, more importantly, one misses important emails: too much noise is swamping out the signal.

I want to get the email from my building that the water will be shut off for twelve hours (akshually, I don’t want that email, but I do need it). But most of the other emails just aren’t important, so filtering doesn’t even help.

What’s worse is that ‘sending the email’ is considered due diligence. “Well, we sent you that email about the water shutoff.” They did send that email, but between the other crap they send, along with all of the other crap everyone else sends me, there’s a good chance I’ll miss it. This is a case where putting up a sign–everyone would see that–is a way to cut through the information clutter, even if it’s not very hi-tech (or tech at all).

I will now go outside and yell at clouds.

Related: A water shutoff isn’t one of the things that led me to write this. It’s just become clear that I receive too much stuff, requests, alerts, and so on for one Mad Biologist to handle (and most of it is bullshit anyway).

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