Links 9/18/12

Links for you. Science:

Science Teaching vs. Aircraft Carriers (I disagree with the money shortage argument, but we should be training more science educators)
North America’s First Vertical Urban Farm is Being Built in Canada
BGI Gobbles Complete Genomics
The End of Global Warming: How to Save the Earth in 2 Easy Steps


So What If Teachers Are in It for the Money? (excellent)
The issues of pay and testing (excellent)
Smartypants liberals
Revisiting The “5-10 Percent Solution”
Did Public Schools Fail David Brooks?
Can the Chicago Teachers’ Strike Fix Democratic Education Reform? (how did this get published in TNR?)
Meet Ashley, a great teacher with a bad ‘value-added’ score
Poll: Elizabeth Warren opens 6-point edge on Scott Brown in Massachusetts Senate race
Romney: If you were born in America, you didn’t build that
The brightest minds can be so dumb in particular circumstances
Time for a Time Out: Why Are 40,000 Children So Harshly Disciplined in Public Schools?
Greenway Conservancy Tells Neighborhoods “Pay to Play” – $5,000 Yearly Minimum Demand For New Reps
Sunday Morning Comin’ Down
Chicago School Teachers Give Us All a Lesson

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  1. JohnV says:

    RE: The end of global warming
    “With the advent of “fracking” technology, the price of gas has plummeted far below that of coal, and as a result, essentially no new coal plants are being built. ”

    So I guess if you’re willing to trade global warming and drinkable water for cheap electricity, you’re in the clear 😛

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