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Links 4/20/19

Links for you. Science: Consider the Golden Mole Measles outbreaks and the antivaccine movement Republicans reject Democratic attempts to tighten vaccine laws Don’t Count on 23andMe to Detect Most Breast Cancer Risks, Study Warns The misogynist trolls attacking Katie Bouman … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist links: Censure Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw Republicans Shoot Themselves In The Foot Over Taxes. Again. It Helps When Politicians Directly Experience Life Like The Rest Of Us Shaming Works ‘Catch And Release’: Losing The Rhetorical … Continue reading

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Links 4/19/19

Links for you. Science: Born between 1957-1989? You may not be protected from measles outbreak Goodnight, Anti-Indoctrination Bills, and Good Riddance A man kept one of the ‘world’s most dangerous’ birds on his farm. Then it killed him. Squirrel Camp: … Continue reading

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Purity And Pragmatism

Before I get to the substance of an excellent post by Maha, I’ll add my standard disclaimer that, were I to vote today, I would vote Warren. The other disclaimer is by Maha herself, who writes: I don’t want this … Continue reading

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Links 4/18/19

Links for you. Science: Measles Outbreak: Yeshiva’s Preschool Program Is Closed by New York City Health Officials AMNH Backs Out Of Bolsonaro Gala After Sustained Public Outcry How Giant Sea Spiders May Survive in Warming Oceans DC ‘Shark Tank’ winner … Continue reading

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Programming Note About The Barr Report

And it is the Barr Report, not the Mueller Report. I likely won’t have much to say for a few days about it because it will be long and it will require some thought to put it in context. Consider … Continue reading

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‘Catch And Release’: Losing The Rhetorical War On Immigration

What worries me about the politics of immigration is that the notion that the choices are between completely ‘open borders’ and Trump’s brutality. Dan Nexon puts it very clearly: Given that *no* Democrat is going to advocate ending all restrictions … Continue reading

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