Links 4/27/19

Links for you. Science:

The Antibiotics Business Is Broken—But There’s a Fix
JAMA discourages pre-print deposition
Ocean uproar: saving marine life from a barrage of noise
An Archaeology Meeting Finds Itself in the Middle of #MeTooSTEM
Mexican ecologists push to transform prison island into nature reserve


The Largest Gang Raid in NYC History Swept Up Dozens of Young People Who Weren’t In Gangs
After cyclist is hit by police car turning right on red, police charge cyclist (when law enforcement become de facto legislators…)
Joe Biden Is a Fraud, Plain and Simple
Should Democrats Impeach Trump? Wrong Question.
3 professional football players take on 100 children ⚽️
Trump is terrified that his aides might not lie for him
Joe Biden’s long record supporting the war on drugs and mass incarceration
Bernie Sanders Made a Lot of Money — and He Wants It Taxed
The Trigger Presidency
Disney Explains That The Reason Poor Working People Are Poor Is Executives
How Bernie Sanders’ Position On Filibuster Is Needlessly Complicated
Rich Russians Still Buying Passports in Racket Daphne Caruana Galizia Died Exposing
Trump Calls Bernie Sanders Crazy, Praises Him in Private (Sanders’ Fox appearance really got to him)
Republican discussed violent attacks and surveillance with rightwingers
Congressional Democrats examine Erik Prince’s statements on 2017 Seychelles meeting for possible perjury
United States Capitol, 1846
As pot flourishes in D.C., federal ban restricts use by tenants in public housing

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