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Links 9/30/12

Links for you. Science: Court decides parent’s refusal to vaccinate kids is not “free exercise of religion” Why Is Romney Campaigning on Medical Quackery? Probiotic for babies may not fight allergies later The drugs don’t work: a modern medical scandal … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Ave. Has the World’s Largest Charcoal Briquettes

No, really it does: The alternative–that these are dog turds–is too terrifying to contemplate… (actually, I have no idea what the hell these are; they seem to be asphalt)

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The Most Important Economic Question of Our Time: Will 3-D Printers Kill Table-Top Minatures Gaming?

Because the table-top miniature wargames sector of the economy is a critical one-zillionith of GDP. Or something. Anyway, we read at Wired that 3-D printers are close to becoming a reality in your home: The BotCave is home to MakerBot, … Continue reading

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Links 9/29/12

Links for you. Science: The transfer of genes between unrelated organisms happens. All. The. Time. Venture firms see signs of rebirth in life sciences A Pottery Barn rule for scientific journals Don’t Step in That Sh*t: How the GMO-Study Authors … Continue reading

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A Fellow Passenger

I was flying this week, and this fine gentleman was a fellow passenger: Time to board!:

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One Way to Halt “True the Vote” In Its Tracks: A Lesson From Massachusetts

The rightwing has put together an organization called “True the Vote“, which, true to its Orwellian nature, is actually going to try to stop people–who disproportionately happen to be those people–from voting: There’s been a steadily building discussion, albeit shrouded … Continue reading

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Links 9/28/12

Links for you. Science: Will your doctor prescribe antibiotics? Depends on where you live (interesting but neglects the different costs for antibiotics; e.g., glycopeptides such as vancomycin) The Faithfulness of the Coyote (and Other Urban Animals) Hypocrisy on animal research … Continue reading

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