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The Republican War On Standards

And I’m not referring to the usual pundit complaint about how mean and uncivil everyone is supposedly being. I mean the National Institute of Standards and Technology (‘NIST’). While it’s fun to joke about NIST being the keepers of official … Continue reading

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I’m a Nerd and the NIST Hall of Standards Is My Valhalla: The Ampere Measurer

This gizmo, observed at NIST, is a Raleigh current balance and was used in the classic 1912 determination of the absolute value of the ampere. It was also used in 1938 to redefine the international ampere as 0.99985 absolute amperes:

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A Dollar Tester

A couple of weeks ago, I visited NIST. This gizmo, which tests how much abrasion a dollar bill can stand, blows my mind (you can see the dollar bill on the right):

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Speaking of Standards…

I recently had occasion to visit NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which provides measurement standards. For example, most networked clocks use NIST’s Internet Time Service which sets computer clocks and other networked timekeeping devices. But they also … Continue reading

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