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NY Times Editorial Board Makes an Affirmative Action Hire

That would be William Kristol.
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Bush Administration Cuts Funding for Schoolkids’ Health and Immunization

Because nothing says compassionate conservatism like cutting funding for poor disabled children.
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Some Sunday Links

Happy two days before New Year’s… Anyway, I’ve got a whole mess of posts for you.
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Democrats Should Stop Talking About What They Should Do…

…and start doing it. Most people care far less about how a politician or political party can be elected than they do about what that politician or party will do to help them.
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Lakota Indians Unilaterally Break Treaties with U.S.

Fortunately, the Lakota don’t seem to have a lot of neocons, so there probably won’t be an outbreak of waterboarding.
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Opaque Markets and the Need for National Healthcare

In light of claim rejection, how can anyone realistically price different healthcare plans?
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E. coli, Shigella, and Creationism

One of the lesser known microbiology facts is that the pathogen Shigella is actually E. coli. From the archives, here’s an explanation.
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I Always Did Like Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert sends me an email. Does that mean I’m a terrorist?
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Gut Yontif!

A merry Christmas to all.
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Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday. No blogging for me–however I do have…
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