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Links 5/31/18

Links for you. Science: Arizona state education standards see evolution deleted Genetic Intelligence Tests Are Next to Worthless It Saves Lives. It Can Save Money. So Why Aren’t We Spending More on Public Health? The concept of a thousand-year rainstorm … Continue reading

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Boarded Up

Observed on Q Street NW, between 13th and 14th, Logan Circle, D.C.:

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Transportation, Geometry, And Hyperloops

The basic problem that self-driving cars can’t solve is geometry: you simply can’t fit that many cars into certain spaces. For example, replacing D.C’s Metro with cars (or even buses) would make the Farragut Square area utterly inaccessible. David Dayen … Continue reading

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Links 5/30/18

Links for you. Science: The Silence of the Bugs Family Release Regarding the Passing of Apollo, Skylab Astronaut Alan Bean Fear and failure: How Ebola sparked a global health revolution Alan Bean, the fourth human to walk on the Moon, … Continue reading

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Amazing What Not Having To Run In A Republican Primary Will Do For One’s ‘Evolution’

New NASA chief and former Republican congressman Jim Bridenstine has had a change of mind (boldface mine): NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who previously questioned whether humans are primarily responsible for climate change, left no doubt Wednesday that his position has … Continue reading

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Part-Time Resistance

Dan Rather makes a very good point: Most Americans work very hard. So adding the full-time job of keeping track of the outrages and abuses of this Administration is time none of us really could afford to spare. Less time … Continue reading

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Links 5/29/18

Links for you. Science: The Virginia GOP wants to get this creationist elected to Congress Providing Pathogen Resistance To Cacao Trees Using CRISPR-Cas9 Tracking one of the world’s most elusive cats (HAVE YOU TRIED PUTTING OUT A VERY LARGE CARDBOARD … Continue reading

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