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Links 8/31/12

Links for you. Science: Is Science Cool? No New drug of status, ground-up rhino horn, threatens endangered species The Results are In: Scientists are Workaholics The beef I have with The Paleo Diet How do science blogs change the face … Continue reading

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Why Did Fox News Rip Into Paul Ryan?

If you haven’t heard, Fox News published a piece by Sally Kohn, in which she had this to say about his GOP convention speech (boldface mine): On the other hand, to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, … Continue reading

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This Election Will Come Down to Whether Today’s Older Middle Aged and Elderly People Want to Screw Over Tomorrow’s Older Middle Aged and Elderly People

There’s really no other way to put it, although for many, retiring in a few years isn’t really an option. I’m usually not one for ‘generation wars’, especially since they usually involve stereotypes that are used to disparage entire groups … Continue reading

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Links 8/30/12

Links for you. Science: Thoughts on the ESA letter to NSF Bio Why Nick Kristof’s Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Us All Owning a Sequencer is NOT a Prerequisite for Sequencing! Autism, immunity, inflammation, and the New York Times Medscape and … Continue reading

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Would Better Maps of the T Make It Less Crowded?

Maybe (boldface mine): Or take the enlarged-center syndrome. In Boston, the distance from Park St. to Downtown Crossing looks at least a mile long on the MBTA map (at left) but in reality, it’s easily walkable. If we blindly rely … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Glasgow and Determinism

The Economist has an interesting article, “No City for Old Men,” about the inexplicably high death rates in Glasgow, Scotland. After punching holes in just about every explanation for these high death rates, ranging from deindustrialization to poverty to income … Continue reading

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Links 8/29/12

Links for you. Science: NIH Principal Investigators Are Getting Old Widespread vaccine exemptions are messing with herd immunity Melyroidea magnifica Shelford, 1912 Paleo-politics: The really long view Tiny RNA fragments control bacterial infections Top 3 Reasons to Stop Fretting About … Continue reading

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You Just Can’t Take the Tea Party Anywhere: More Successful GOP Outreach to the Latino Community

Someone should tell some of the GOP convention attendees that you’re supposed to act like a drunk idiot after hours at the bar, not on the convention floor. There was a procedural skirmish between the Ron Paul and Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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Genomic Epidemiology Is Not a Panacea, But It Will Be Very Useful

If this blog’s motto weren’t “Helping idiots who desperately need my assistance by calling them fucking morons since 2004”, it would probably be “WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!” That being said, I’m somewhat shocked by the negative reaction the recent ‘superbug’ … Continue reading

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Links 8/28/12

Links for you. Science: Neil Armstrong Mr. Marcus Admits Starting Porn Syphilis Outbreak By Altering His Test Results (condoms prevent disease transmission, not testing for people with multiple partners. Also, remember public health rule #1: people are idiots.) Bill Nye … Continue reading

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