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Links 12/10/19

Links for you. Science: New research investigates intriguing approach to Alzheimer’s—and potential that it can be reversed Why the huge surge in EEE cases? Federal rules requiring quick sample disposal mean we may never know For sea turtles, Cape Cod … Continue reading

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Voters Often Do Not Behave Linearly, and They View National Elections Like Local Elections

Having done canvassing in the old days when we had to canvass neighborhoods both ways uphill identifying voters wasn’t very sophisticated, I learned that many voters don’t really organize candidates along a left-right axis–they don’t think linearly. One corollary of … Continue reading

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Links 12/9/19

Links for you. Science: Samoa shuts down in unprecedented battle against measles crisis (anti-vaccinationism is self-correcting, though the promulgators of this idiocy rarely pay the price) What’s behind the spike in death rates among young adults in Minnesota? China’s Genetic … Continue reading

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Pharmacies Need to Be Part of Fighting Influenza

And right now, they aren’t (boldface mine): When adults want a flu shot, they have two choices: go to the doctor or go to a pharmacy. But in most states, laws prevent parents from just walking into a pharmacy and … Continue reading

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Links 12/8/19

Links for you. Science: China Uses DNA to Map Faces, With Help From the West Tainted Data Can Teach Algorithms the Wrong Lessons How Peru’s potato museum could stave off world food crisis OK SO let’s say it’s 1962 and … Continue reading

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‘Coding’, Coding, and Biologists

Saturday, I reupped a piece about coding and biologists, which seemed to make a lot of people upset. I’ll attribute that to ‘instructor error’ on my part, since I obviously wasn’t clear what I meant (people still might disagree, of … Continue reading

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Links 12/7/19

Links for you. Science: Scientists used loudspeakers to make dead coral reefs sound healthy. Fish flocked to them. The silent “sixth” sense Trees informing networks explaining trees Measles Outbreak Leads to Shutdown of Public Services in Samoa The Second Wave … Continue reading

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