Links 12/31/19

Links for you. Science:

FDA Approves Ebola Vaccine With 100% Effectiveness
Unorthodox Alzheimer’s researcher Robert Moir dies at age 58
Acidifying oceans could eat away at sharks’ skin and teeth
Will the United States Lose the Universe?
Trump might help free science that’s locked behind paywalls


Rolling Back the 20th Century: The right-wing ideologues are dead serious about dismantling government. (arguably William Greider’s most important piece)
The Second Gilded Age: When private wealth dwarfs public projects
Don’t Let Liberals Write Off Workers in “Flyover Country”
Big Money and America’s Lost Decade
My Semester With the Snowflakes. At 52, I was accepted to Yale as a freshman. The students I met there surprised me.
What Happened When Trump Reshaped a Powerful Court
Citing Joe Biden’s Troubling Voting Record, Bernie Sanders Warns ‘My God… Trump Will Eat His Lunch’
On the death of my friend & mentor William Greider
Neal Peirce, urban affairs columnist who championed inclusive cities, dies at 87
Pay for only the channels you want? Maine pushes a la carte cable
Best Of Lists Should Self-Destruct After One Year
The First Scooter Company to Unionize Tests California’s Gig Work Bill
American Cities Are Becoming Shell Companies for the Rich
USPS Could Privatize As Early As Next Year (any Democrat who doesn’t oppose this needs to be primaried)
When young men in the military flash the OK sign, it’s time to take the trolling ‘joke’ seriously
In a major first, San Francisco provides diapers to families on food stamps
The Bernie Blackout Is Over: The mainstream media and establishment Democrats are finally admitting Sanders has a shot. Now he has to hone the electability argument.
Today I am endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. (head of Social Security Works)
William Barr’s Police-Fueled War on Civil Rights
A Low-Intensity War Is Underway in Northeast Asia

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