Links 3/28/18

Links for you. Science:

‘Fascinated and horrified’ scientists watched as a killer whale drowned another orca’s calf (FREE WILLY!)
Johann Hari is Wrong About the Treatment of Mental Illness
What Do We Lose If We Lose Wild Axolotls?
What a Giant Soda Stream Reveals About the Fate of Corals
Ticks Creep Into Canada, Bringing Lyme Disease (and Confusion) With Them


Economists Shocked That China Invalidates Their Pet View That Economic Liberalization Producers Political Liberalization
NYC’s Fauxgressive Mayor De Blasio Turning into a Charter School Cheerleader
The Obama Presidency Gets Some Early High Historiography
Leaked memo reveals North Carolina GOP panic over Dems flipping the state legislature in November
The Future We Imagine Is the Future We Get
He’s their revenge
How Tokyo built its way to abundant housing
The Government’s Taxes on Citizens’ Free Time
We’re all going to need safe spaces
Democrats can’t expand opportunity without reducing inequality
The Last Temptation of American Journalism, or, Michael Gerson is Not a Hero
Europe’s most famous Nazi hunters worry about where the continent is headed
Kansas school funding report blows a hole in conservative doctrine
‘Testilying’ by Police: A Stubborn Problem
The Grisly Murder Case That Could Turn Half of Oklahoma Back Into Tribal Lands
Indian Children’s Book Lists Hitler as Leader ‘Who Will Inspire You’
The Grand Lisboa, Macao
What Do You Do About A Problem Like Russia?
After Documenting Nazi Crimes, A French Priest Exposes ISIS Attacks On Yazidis
It’s Hard to Be Hungry on Spring Break

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  1. You missed this headline about Neoliberal sellouts:

    Obamacare jacked up taxes on the 1 percent, gave $16 billion annually to poor
    By Jeff Stein

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