Links 8/11/14

Links for you. Science:

There is a cure for Ebola, we have it, we just don’t let anyone use it. (Greg’s not quite right on how the vaccine is made–this is how it’s made)
On antiserum and Ebola virus
The Surprising Cause of Most ‘Spider Bites’
After a long journey from Africa, a new tropical disease sets up shop in Florida (this is bad. Really bad)


President Obama’s despicable whitewashing of torture (this is all on him by the way. Take your Green Lantern and shove it up your ass)
Remembering the Sinti and Roma of Auschwitz
You do not need to work 80 hours a week to succeed in academia
Phosphate Memories
What kind of TOD can occur around Dulles Metro?
Court’s Decision in Alabama Is a Stunning Indictment of the Anti-Abortion Movement: A law that threatened to shut down clinics was ruled unconstitutional, but the opinion also highlighted the intimidation and violence abortion providers face in trying to do their jobs.
Could Delayed Childbearing Reduce Poverty?
Sliming Rick Perlstein
Academic urban legends
Paul Krugman has an unanswered question
The Last And First Temptation Of Israel
A Brief Stop at a Federal Detention Facility, or What Can We Do To Support Central American Refugees?

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3 Responses to Links 8/11/14

  1. gregladen says:

    Well, it’s not a vaccine. And it is a serum-based treatment, but using a complex technology that produces a better product. Serum based in that it harvests immune products (exogenous antibodies ) that are generated in response to infection. So I’m sticking with my simplification.

  2. Rob Salazar says:

    The Riddle of the Sphincter: why does Mike enjoy violent anal rape in service of his petulant dislike of the President. Did someone not get his pony?

  3. Jim Sweeney says:

    The academic urban legends article was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

    We used to eat spinach regularly, and I think my father told me that it was somehow antagonistic to calcium. I also remember an old Popeye cartoon in which he was dreaming, and a fresh can of spinach failed to boost his strength because he was actually eating his pillow stuffing.

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