The Riddle of the Sphinxes

Not sure what these are doing on Corcoran Street, Adams Morgan, D.C.:

King tut

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  1. Ha ha!

    A house in our neighborhood (which me & my spouse often walk by)… has some kind of egyptian style approx. foot tall figurine on their front porch which is pretty much bare concrete steps with a top landing, and this is the only thing on it, next to the door.
    It’s an usual piece in our neighborhood for sure. But that’s not all…
    We’ve noticed that occasionally the figure is missing from the steps and we noticed when it’s not next to the door, it’s off to the side in the grass in the front yard, standing next to the neighbor’s tall wooden fence – and I believe I’ve seen it with it actually facing into the neighbor’s fence. Like it’s obviously not moved there as an alternate display location, as you wouldn’t even notice it there unless you were looking for it being missing from the porch.
    This has happened several times this summer – back & forth – Oh! there it’s back on the porch… Oh look it’s been banished again.

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