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When Will We Admit We Have ‘Lost’?

Regarding Syraqistan, a while ago, I defined the word insanity as the U.S foreign and military policy establishment (boldface added): Over the last 20 years, every time (with one exception) we have intervened militarily (and airstrikes are an intervention–just ask … Continue reading

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War Is the Ultimate Big Government Program

To follow up on these posts, one thing I’ve never understood is how conservatives, who constantly proclaim that government can do nothing right (despite evidence to the contrary), when given an opportunity to declare war*, despite our last couple decades … Continue reading

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Twelve Good Minutes of 60 Minutes About the West Bank Occupation

Life in the West Bank.
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A Post-Hamas Gaza: It Can Get Worse

I’m not the only one who thinks a post-Hamas PA will be even worse.
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The Gaza War: Answering the Wrong Question

Not who is right, but what will work?
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Regarding Hamas, the Guys Waiting in the Wings Are Worse

Meet your local neighborhood Salafists. Anyone who says things can’t get worse is simply suffering from a lack of imagination.
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The Gaza War and the Decline of Reaganite Judaism

Before everyone knew what a neoconserative was, there were Reaganite Jews.
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Some Thoughts About STAP

Jonathan Eisen has an informatics pipeline for analysis of 16S rRNA sequence. The Mad Biologist has opinions and questions.
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Instead of Fighting Terrorists Over There, Why Don’t We…

stop rapists over here.
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“The Next Right” on Oil: Saudi Silliness

A conservative asks, “How did the GOP get stuck “Defending Big Oil” again?” A picture explains everything.
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