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Just As You Reap…

Well, it was bound to happen: at some point, the Republicans were going to be called on their hypocrisy regarding social issues, and when it happened, it was going to be ugly. David Brock, in Blinded by the Right, called … Continue reading

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Using Race as a Wedge

The Washington Post recently reported about the failure of the anti-segregation amendment to pass in Alabama (it was essentially 50-50). According to the CNN exit poll, 73% of Alabama voters were white. Assuming that the vote to keep the segregationist … Continue reading

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Halfway Proposals?

Kerry, in an effort to redeem himself from the consequences of a lousy campaign, has called for health care for every child. This is a laudable goal, but it leads to the question: why not healthcare for everyone? It’s not … Continue reading

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Tax and Arrogant

Salon has a good roundup today of the Bush administration’s tax policy. Here’s the yummy part: Irons explains it this way: “I was recently at the Treasury Department, where they were talking about eliminating the estate tax. The attitude was … Continue reading

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Some More Kerry/Edwards 2004 Post-Mortem

There’s a really interesting post on the problems the Democrats had in the 2004 campaign. Here’s one of the highlights: A top Kerry staffer (one of five who had been with Kerry from the very start of his primary campaign … Continue reading

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Who’s in Charge at 1600 Penn. St.?

The 9/11 commission backed anti-terrorism bill tanked today, even though both Bush and Cheney personally intervened on its behalf (so much for all that capital that Bush has been bloviating about). One of the sources of resistance reportedly came from … Continue reading

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Gallup Poll About Religion and Evolution

Granted, at this point, I’m not going to trust polls ever again, but Gallup released a poll that examined religious beliefs. Part of the poll dealt with evolution and creationism. I found two good articles on the topic (here and … Continue reading

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