Tax and Arrogant

Salon has a good roundup today of the Bush administration’s tax policy. Here’s the yummy part:

Irons explains it this way: “I was recently at the Treasury Department, where they were talking about eliminating the estate tax. The attitude was very much, ‘Why doesn’t everyone realize that we’re the ones who create the jobs? Why doesn’t everyone realize that it’s us, the super-rich, that drive the economy?'”

He continues: “The attitude is that everyone who is working 40 hours a week doing an average job at a construction site, or is a store clerk, or me sitting in an office doing economic analysis, is feeding off the people who are the real successes. The attitude is that the economy should be geared to benefit the people who are business owners, who are rich, who are giving us the benefit of jobs. That’s what you really see in the tax code.”

The Mad Biologist: A few years back, a close relative was on life support due to a massive bacterial sepsis (blood) infection (he’s better now). So who are some of the people who kept him alive? Nurses in the ICU, the microbiologists who discovered the antibiotics that saved his life, and the engineers who designed the life support systems. You can have all the venture capital you want, but the venture capitalists didn’t actually make the discoveries and care for the sick: these ‘little people’ are the ones who save lives. So who are the real parasites?

I don’t know what’s more frustrating: that people actually think this way about their fellow citizens, or that the Democrats haven’t been able to play the populism card and beat these guys.

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