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Passive Aggressive Poop Collection on Beacon Hill

Observed on Pinckney Street, Beacon Hill, Boston: (The cutoff sentence on the top page says, “Understand your point.) Curb your dog, and throw away the poop, please.

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Words to Live By

Observed on Marlborough Street, Back Bay, Boston:

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John McCain Wants You to Get Sick When You Eat Spinach

While I’m sure Senator McCain doesn’t see it that way, he has decided to beat up unsexy science grants contained in the farm bill. Number ten on his top-ten list of pork projects was this: Pigs! Pork! Get it? Hur … Continue reading

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This Is a Really Big Dog

Actually, having studied non-lab E. coli and thus knowing more about poopology than anyone ever should, this isn’t a dog, it’s the aftermath of a horse: Darmouth St., at Commonwealth Mall, Jan. 29, 2012 It does make you appreciate cars … Continue reading

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