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The NY Times Endorsement and the Hilariousness of Elite Mediocrities

So the NY Times has finally released its Democratic primary endorsement and…it’s good news for John McCain! Actually, they decided to go halfsies and endorse Klobuchar as a ‘pragmatist’ (KLOBUCHARGE!) and Warren as passionate. I was hoping they would be … Continue reading

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Is the Congressional Perspective One Item Among Many?

For reasons that aren’t worth getting into, I recently had to go to a couple House and Senate websites to find some information about legislation. When you scroll through their press pages, you start to realize that their offices have … Continue reading

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Buttigieg, Policing, and Getting Rolled

There’s a pretty devastating article about the racism in South Bend, Indiana’s police department–for those not paying much attention to the primary, Democratic presidential hopeful and wunderkind Pete Buttigieg is the mayor of South Bend. The details are excruciating, but … Continue reading

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Biden’s Problem with Social Security

I’ve made no secret that I’m in the anyone but Biden camp in the primary (well, Buttigieg isn’t good either), in no small part because of his history of wanting to cut the safety net, including Social Security. That’s bad … Continue reading

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Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and Brown M&Ms

Oh my? This week, we had two incidents that should be filed under “Brown M&Ms alert.” By brown M&Ms, I’m referring to how the band Van Halen used to include in their contracts a clause requiring a bowl of M&Ms … Continue reading

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Our Current Healthcare System Is a Bad Jobs Guarantee

One of the problems I have with Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg is that he uses Republican talking points to attack proposals that are popular, in general and with Democrats. Partying like it’s 1999 lost its appeal long ago. Case in … Continue reading

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If a Democrat Had Done This: The Matt Shea Domestic Terrorism Edition

In the era of Il Trumpe, I realize it’s trite to point this out, but we have yet another instance where the press reaction to Republican malfeasance is muted compared to the reaction a Democrat would receive. We go to … Continue reading

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