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Dear Dems, No More Content-Free Slogans

Right now, there’s a contest over who will be the new Democratic National Committee chairman. Unlike the savvy pundits, who claim this race doesn’t matter very much (and they were right about the 2016 elections! Or something), this is actually … Continue reading

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When Progressives Take Out Their Election Trauma On The Disadvantaged

It’s a form of privilege, I suppose. One of the weird things (among many) after Sept. 11, 2001 is that there was a group of liberal-ish Democrats who decided to turn their back on Democratic social and economic policy. For … Continue reading

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Time To Recess Appoint Some Federal Judges

Obama should do this–if nothing else, he needs to protect loyal Democrats, and more good federal judges would be a great place to start (boldface mine): Beyond the personal insults he will endure, and the pain involved in watching his … Continue reading

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Nate Cohn’s Post-Mortem Only Tells Half Of The Story

The Upper Midwest isn’t like the South–and we know that. Nate Cohn doesn’t. So a widely read piece by Nate Cohn suggests that turnout among whites wasn’t decisive in the shift from Obama to Trump. He argues this is largely … Continue reading

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Hagiography Gone Wrong

When historians look back and wonder how we got into this shitty mess (assuming there are still historians), there will be one thing Obama did very, very wrong. It wasn’t healthcare, though maybe next time, Democrats should design a program … Continue reading

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Schumer Might Be Operating Under The Wrong Model: Voters Use Heuristics

I might have been foolish in my recent praise for Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. It appears, that despite the tough talk, some Democrats (the usual suspects like Claire McCaskill and others) are thinking of collaborating with Trump on healthcare. While … Continue reading

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One Way To End The Electoral College

Tom Geoghegan (who is our favorite Geoghegan!) describes several good paths to getting rid of the Electoral College, including compulsory voting (boldface mine): Third, Democrats must institute compulsory voting in California and New York, in particular, and in as many … Continue reading

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