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What a Movement Looks Like

Since I’m blogging about the Democratic primary, as usual, my obligatory disclosure that, were I voting today, I would vote Warren. While I’m a Warren supporter, in no small part, because I think she’s more realistic than Sanders on how … Continue reading

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The Nextdoor Presidency

When the left, construed very broadly, fails at governance (which isn’t the same as legislating), it creates room for very bad actors to offer superficial solutions which lead to very bad things. But I’m getting ahead of myself. By ‘Nextdoor’ … Continue reading

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Caregiving and Income

As you get older, you inevitably end up having to take care of elderly relatives. Sometimes, the conditions are so severe, people have to drop out of the workforce or take tremendous salary cuts–and “people” are disproportionately women. You probably … Continue reading

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If Kavanaugh Had Happened to Republicans

I know after two plus years of Il Trumpe, the device of “If Democrats did X…” is trite, but I’ll use it anyway. If the weekend revelations substantiating Kavanaugh’s shoving his penis into a female student’s hand were about a … Continue reading

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The Outlier Poll that Won’t Die

I know I’ve been beating this like a drum, but that damn April Emerson poll keeps rearing its godawful ugly ass head. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to (probably a mark in your favor), in April, Emerson … Continue reading

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Camps for the Homeless and the Political Consequences of Failed Governance

Recently, Trump has tried to make homelessness in cities a political issue. Of course, being Trump, his solution is horrible, as it involves shipping the homeless to camps–and this has gone beyond the bullshitting stage, with officials touring unused federal … Continue reading

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It’s the Emoluments, Stupid

Last week, Democrats finally decided to get serious about investigating Trump and have focused on… the possibly (ok, probably) illegal payments to Stormy Daniels (for those who don’t remember, these were to keep her quiet about having sex with Il … Continue reading

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