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Labor Is Getting Restless With The Democratic Establishment

Last week, the AFL-CIO made it clear that, like other unions, ol’ timey liberal Democrats and Black Democrats*, they’re tired of being tired (boldface mine): The AFL-CIO convention here passed yesterday a political resolution that calls for a break with … Continue reading

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The Path To Victory Goes Through ‘Progressive Deplorables’

Before I get to a superb article by Briahna Joy Gray, it’s worth noting some inconvenient truths (to use a phrase) about the Democratic voting population: The most optimistic reading of this is that at least one out of five … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Virginia Election

I spent a significant portion of my life in Virginia. I never thought that I would see either a socialist or transgender member of the House of Delegates, and both won. That this will cause gnashing of teeth and wailing … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Democrats Close Out Elections?

On Tuesday, Virginians will be choosing a governor, and the stakes are very high. Not only will this be viewed as a real test of the ability to resist Il Trumpe and ‘Trumpism’ (which is just a purer form of … Continue reading

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Democrats Are Attacking The Republican Tax Plan For The Wrong Reasons And In The Wrong Way

Pedro Nicolaci da Costa explains why Democrats et alia should oppose the Republican tax plan (boldface mine): There are a few lines you can take to argue against tax cuts, including the idea that they benefit mostly huge companies and … Continue reading

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Maybe Attacking Labor Dems For 25 Years Was A Bad Idea: The MA Teachers Edition

To be clear, I don’t think voting against a Democrat given the current crop of Republicans, even the supposedly moderate ones, is ever a good idea. But, like it or not, when you crap on your base repeatedly, it has … Continue reading

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You Can’t Be Intersectional Without An Economic Plan

Recently, I described how the Democratic establishment has alienated much of the Party’s liberal Democratic base, and, in passing, mentioned two other groups that have been crapped on as well: Oddly enough, both labor Democrats and black Democratic women are … Continue reading

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