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Without Vision…

…the Democratic Party will perish. Or at least not do as well in 2020 as we need it to. Let me preface this by noting, as I have many times, that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is arguably the best floor whip … Continue reading

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Maybe Democrats Should Curse More Often?

Last week, Media Matters noted that the major networks spent five times the amount of air time on Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s calling Trump a motherfucker versus Republican Congressman and elite racist Steve King’s complaining about how white supremacy is viewed … Continue reading

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Ocasio-Cortez Shouldn’t Be Getting So Much Attention…

…if the Democratic Party had a functional liberal wing. During the last couple of weeks, many olds ranging from ex-Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill to Whoopi Goldberg, not to mention a whole slew of conservatives and radical centrists, have been complaining … Continue reading

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We Need A More Progressive Income Tax

Last week, Democratic congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez proposed a seventy percent tax on earned income above $10 million. Naturally, conservatives had a major panic attack (SNOWFLAKES!), and many people demonstrated, either honestly or dishonestly, that they don’t understand tax brackets (one of … Continue reading

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If Radical Centrists Keep Proposing Mediocre Policies, 2020’s Primaries Will Be A Lot Like 2016’s

And that’s not a particularly good thing. Speaking of not particularly good things, Virginia governor and possible presidential hopeful Terry McAuliffe had this to say about free college tuition: Listen, I like the idea of free college, but there is … Continue reading

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I’m In The ‘Anyone But Biden’ Camp

I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about the 2020 primaries, even though I’m leaning towards Warren because of her housing policy, which is much better than anyone else’s (haven’t gotten around to writing that post yet). But Joe … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Wish For ‘Democratic Twitter’

As the 2020 primary season gets underway (no, “2020” isn’t a typo), it’s clear the Twitter hellsite, along with political commentary on the leftward side of things, will become unbearable. Unlike some, I’ve never been big on unity, as this … Continue reading

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