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But How Will You Pay for It? The Missing the Point Edition

Ever since Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Warren released her healthcare financing plan which, in part, was an attempt to quell the persistent question of ‘how will you pay for it?’, there has been discussion on the left-ish end of Twitter … Continue reading

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Republican Daddy Will Never Save You

You would think Democrats would have learned that well before the Mueller hearings. You would be wrong (boldface mine): Gates’ disclosure to investigators was a key insight into the state of mind of a campaign that was willing and eager … Continue reading

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If a Party Doesn’t Stand for Things, Then People Won’t Stand for the Party

In other words, people have to like this crap. One of the key factors in Clinton’s losses in swing states was poor turnout among Democratic-leaning voters. In Ohio, black non-voters were more likely to think voting for Democrats would not … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Telling You Sen. Sinema Will Be a Problem

I’ve been tangentially noting for a while that Arizona Senator, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is a Blue Dog’s Blue Dog. That’s not a complement, as it means she’s, on most issues, to the right of West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin. Having … Continue reading

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‘Real’ Democrats Don’t Embrace Republican Talking Points: The Healthcare Edition

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted the following about ‘real’ Democrats (as in, Sanders supposedly isn’t one): If we look at policy among elected officials, Sen. Sanders is an independent, but you have to be staggeringly ignorant … Continue reading

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Attacking Trump’s Supposed Strength

While it will seem ridiculous–and it is–one of Il Trumpe’s strengths with his supporters is that they believe he is cleaning up corruption (though what most readers of this blog and what Trumpists/Palinists consider to be corruption is probably quite … Continue reading

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Right Now, Internecine Warfare between Sanders and Warren Supporters Is Stupid

Because they turn conservative and moderate Democrats into left-ish convention delegates. According to, here is how the race looks among Democratic voters: The reason I’m using Morning Consult is because they also ask supporters who their second choice would … Continue reading

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