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Democrats Need To Increase Turnout

Last night, the Republican candidate for the sole House seat from Montana (which is one more voting House seat than the citizens of the mainland colony, aka ‘D.C.’, get. Just saying) won a special election. That he is an entitled … Continue reading

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We Could Have Had Single Payer

Democratic senator Tom Harkin spills the beans (boldface mine): He wonders in hindsight whether the law was made overly complicated to satisfy the political concerns of a few Democratic centrists who have since left Congress. “We had the power to … Continue reading

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Intersectionality, East Of The River

Fellow D.C. resident Alice Marshall makes an excellent point (boldface mine): I live in a poor, overwhelmingly African American, neighborhood. The majority of people earn minimum wage or just a little more. Access to health care is limited and people … Continue reading

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Not Every Week Can Be Like This One

It’s safe to say Il Trumpe had a bad week (though it’s not over yet!). Keep in mind, that every week can’t be this catastrophic. He’ll have some reasonably ‘good’ weeks. This is a marathon, not a sprint. By the … Continue reading

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Well, That Post About Gillibrand Didn’t Age Well

One of the most frustrating things I learned is that this liberal usually had stronger policy allies among socialists than among Democrats (e.g., some people were for some Medicare-for-all-ish plan until Sanders was for it, and then their Sanders Derangement … Continue reading

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Elections And Basic Arithmetic

I’ve made the point in multiple contexts that percentages, such as those used to describe either antibiotic resistance frequencies or electoral outcomes, often don’t make much sense without the underlying numbers–what I’ve called the ‘denominator problem.’ Finally, a political pundit … Continue reading

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Being Realistic About Obama’s Legacy

One thing about Obama’s presidency that needs to be looked at with a clear eye is that he really didn’t utilize the powers of his office to the fullest. One example of this was his last-minute signing of many executive … Continue reading

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