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Gormless and Hapless on D.C. Statehood

Paul Waldman makes an excellent point about the Democratic Party’s non-emphasis of statehood for D.C. (boldface mine): But if there’s one thing preventing D.C. statehood from getting more support, it’s almost certainly that Democrats just haven’t made it a priority… … Continue reading

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But They’re Passing Good Legislation!: The Minimum Wage Edition

One of the Democratic establishment’s arguments against impeachment-related hearings is that House Democrats would be better off passing legislation–which will never get through the Senate or White House–that would let voters know what Democrats stand for and would enact were … Continue reading

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Biden-Or-Busters Are Still a Problem

A few months ago, statistically illiterate people jumped on one month of polling to declare that sexist ‘Bernie-or-Busters’ who hate Elizabeth Warren were going to cost Democrats the 2020 election (full disclosure: were I to vote today, I would vote … Continue reading

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Warren and a New Consultant Model

Over the years, I’ve tried to emphasize the importance of political consultants to the (mis)fortunes of the Democratic Party. Once a candidate embraces the DNC, DCCC, or DSCC, they often get locked into a set of political consultants they are … Continue reading

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When ‘Moderate’ Democrats Aren’t

Part of the lefty side of the discourse, such as it is, is too quick to lob the epithet neo-liberal at people who genuinely don’t agree with or think it’s practical to enact left-wing policies. I think they’re wrong, but … Continue reading

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Celebrity Journalists Are Bad

And ten person ‘debates’ are stupid too. From 538: Shithead celebrity Chuck Todd–who is not running for anything–had the fourth most words (and essentially tied with Warren). Todd also had twice as many words as Jay Inslee, who has a … Continue reading

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Will ‘Biden or Bust’ Voters Vote for the Democrat in the General?

While the ‘Bernie or Bust’ voter scourge is vastly overrated–in 2016, Sanders primary supporters were no less likely to vote for the opposite party in the general election than in any other presidential election (and were far more loyal than … Continue reading

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