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Party Unity Doesn’t Seem To Be A Two-Way Street

It has been a good couple of weeks for leftie Democrats, but, as Howie Klein notes, there’s still a battle raging (boldface mine): When the PA-07 progressive Mary Ellen Balchunis– endorsed by every Democratic party organ and institutional ally in … Continue reading

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College Tuition And The Problem With New Democrats

Recently, Clinton adopted much of Sanders’ college tuition policy. It’s a good start and far better than anything the Republicans would ever do. But the differences between Sanders and Clinton highlight the problems I have with the whole New Democrat … Continue reading

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Clueless Congressional Democrats

Admittedly, that’s a ‘dog bites man’ headline, but this juxtaposition is pretty amazing, even by the witless standards of your typical Democratic political operative (boldface mine): Politico reports that Bernie Sanders was booed by House Democrats in a private meeting … Continue reading

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Good Move By Clinton On College Tuition

This is promising (boldface mine): Extending an olive branch to Bernie Sanders and his supporters, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday will announce a plan to make in-state public colleges and universities free for students from families who make less than $125,000 … Continue reading

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25% Of Non-Black Clinton Supporters Are Bigoted Sh-theads: Blanket Definitions Of Voting Blocs Are Stupid

See update below And shithead non-black Sanders supporters are at about twenty to thirty percent, if that makes you feel any better. Last week, Reuters released a poll which asked supporters of various presidential candidates about their attitudes towards black … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party Platform: Many Good Things And One Unforced Error

So the draft version of the Democratic Party platform is out–this isn’t the final version which will be adopted at the party convention. There’s a lot of good things in it–it calls for a $15 hour minimum wage and criminal … Continue reading

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This Is How You Buy Sanders’ And His Supporters

Bernie lays it out (boldface mine): I think the issues of contention will be the understanding that Secretary Clinton has been wrong in supporting virtually every single one of these trade policies. I think what this campaign has shown is … Continue reading

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