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An Inconvenient Fact

Gail Sheehy has a really interesting piece about Heather Heyer, the activist who was murdered by a Nazi in Charlottesville. Like most people, she is complex and contradictory, but this part struck me (boldface mine): That seems to have laid … Continue reading

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Politics In The Face Of Ineradicable Racism

Max Sawicky has a good review of Ta-Neisi Coates recent essay, “The First White President.” Sawicky’s post is worth the whole read, but this part echoes something I’ve been writing about for a while (boldface mine): My claim is that … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be A Democrat?

For several reasons, there has been a lot of talk about Sanders (and some of his supporters) not being a Democrat, as if that’s a problem (though I suspect that if he were to change his party registration, some would … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party Needs Better Campaign Infrastructure

While this stuff might seem like insider baseball (ok, it is), as we’ve discussed before, it’s how campaigns are won and lost. And Democrats are losing too many campaigns, so, like it or not, we have to pay attention to … Continue reading

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I Have No Frame Of Reference Left For Healthcare Politics

Former Democratic Senator Max Baucus, who played a large role in watering down the ACA and preventing a public option (never mind single payer), is now single-payer healthcare curious (boldface mine): It’s time for America to consider seriously a single-payer, … Continue reading

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It’s Like There’s A Circumscribed Range Of Professionally Acceptable Opinions

Oh wait, you thought I was referring to Republicans? Nope (boldface mine): The New America Foundation has received more than $21 million from Google; its parent company’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt; and his family’s foundation since the think tank’s founding … Continue reading

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Single-Payer And/Or Universal Healthcare Are Not Novel Policies–We Can Do This

Matthew Yglesias touches on something that has bothered me for a long time on the left-ish side of the healthcare debate (boldface mine): If progressive activists want to make a push for single-payer health care, then a push is going … Continue reading

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