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The Perpetual New Democrat Cringe: The Eric Holder Edition

So former Obama administration Attorney General (and erstwhile white collar non-crime fighter) Eric Holder spent time on the teevee machine telling the world how “Abolish ICE” is bad for Democrats. This is why most New Democrats, especially those connected to … Continue reading

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Democrats Could Block A Trump Supreme Court Appointment

But they won’t. Here’s what they could do (boldface mine): Let’s say Democrats want to shut down the center in order to force a vote on one of their own proposals — for example, a bill to prevent the federal … Continue reading

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I Think The Emphasis On A Jobs Guarantee Could Be A Mistake

Before I get into why I think this, I’m on the record as being willing to support a jobs guarantee, if that’s how Democrats et alia decide to go. But the more I think about it, the more I don’t … Continue reading

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The Legacy Of Senator Patrick Leahy

In a longer article about norm erosion, Matthew Yglesias notes (boldface mine): Consider, for example, the hardball saga of the “Blue Slip Rule”: Up through 1994 or so there was a tradition in the United States Senate that a judicial … Continue reading

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Our Future Could Look Like El Salvador

And no, I’m not talking about MS-13 (BOOGA! BOOGA!). I’m talking about abortion (boldface mine): It’s not hard to see what a pro-life world looks like. It looks like a world with a lot of dead women in it. El … Continue reading

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With the win of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (full disclosure: I donated to her campaign), there has been a lot of talk about socialism, which led to this hilarious self-own by Sean Hannitty, where he displayed the horror that is her platform: … Continue reading

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Get Rid Of All Of The Democratic Political Consultants

In a very interesting article about the graphic design of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign (really, it’s good), the authors conclude (boldface mine): The branding has personality and point of view, something absent from most political designs (and many politicians). It feels … Continue reading

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