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The Waffling On Abortion Isn’t Sanders, It’s Coming From The Democratic Party

And that’s troubling to say the least. Put another way, what is good for the gander is also apparently good for the goose (boldface mine): Top Democratic leaders said Sunday that their party welcomes people who are pro-life, despite the … Continue reading

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Krugman’s Really Ugly Assumption

In the midst of a very good column about job losses, Paul Krugman drops this turd (boldface mine): A different, less creditable reason mining and manufacturing have become political footballs, while services haven’t, involves the need for villains. Demagogues can … Continue reading

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Ossoff, KS04, And Turnout

Oh my? Recently, I noted that there was a huge, bigly difference in Democratic versus Republican turnout in a special election held for an open Kansas Congressional seat. That said, in the Kansas special election, the Democrat received 68 percent … Continue reading

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Zigging When Democrats Should Be Zagging: The Ed Markey Edition

Look, Massachusetts Democratic Senator Ed Markey is a good person, but these are exactly the wrong instincts (boldface mine): Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) said Monday that, if Democrats regain control of the Senate and the White House, they will reverse … Continue reading

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The Thing That Should Terrify Republicans About Tuesday’s Special Election In Kansas

In a word: turnout. While the Democrat lost Tuesday night, he only lost by seven points, while, in 2016, the Republican won by thirty-one points. Kind of a big swing. But, as always, there’s a numerator and denominator to worry … Continue reading

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The Iron Law Of Institutions And KS04

For those who don’t know what the Iron Law of Institutions is (boldface mine): What he’s overlooking is that the Democrats operate according to the Iron Law of Institutions. The Iron Law of Institutions is: the people who control institutions … Continue reading

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The Thing Democrats Need To Understand

It is this (boldface mine): Democrats dwelled on the most obvious–and politically convenient–part–which indicates that Trump supporters are a lot more racist than anyone else. But this figure also contains an inconvenient truth (to use a phrase)… I don’t think … Continue reading

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