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The Wages Of Moderate Policy Wonkishness

Or is it wonkery? Anyway, one of the things that rattled around the Democratic primary was what would any Democratic president would be able to accomplish, at best (certain from today’s vantage point), a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. … Continue reading

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Some Post-Debate Thoughts

In no particular order. Here we go: 1. This probably didn’t sway any partisans’ opinions. To Trumpists, Clinton was probably fake, hectoring, and shrill, while Trump hit the regular high notes they’ve come to expect. To Clinton supporters, Trump was … Continue reading

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Be Prepared For The Gish Gallop At Tonight’s Debate

If there’s one near certainty about tonight’s presidential debate, it’s that Trump will do a whole lot of Gish Galloping because, as we like to note, nothing in conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism (with apologies to … Continue reading

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Pick-Up Artistry Versus Winning Over Voters

One of the baffling things to me since the primary season is how inept a subset of Clinton supporters have been at winning over former Sanders supporters and undecideds. Somehow, hectoring possible voters–voters Democrats need–is supposed to convince them to … Continue reading

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At This Point, Testimonials Aren’t Going To Sway Voters

In which the haplessness of Clinton surrogates continues. I see many stories like this one, “Hillary has spent her life fighting for the rights of Americans with disabilities“, which exemplify the problem most pro-Clinton appeals have. It’s not that this … Continue reading

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President Trump’s First Term Is Nightmare Fuel

I know there are lots of people who are really unhappy with Clinton, but a Trump administration would be a complete nightmare (boldface mine): But signing executive orders starts the process, and Trump’s advisers are weighing several options for the … Continue reading

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Those Lazy College Students

This might have some bearing on why public higher education should be tuition-free (boldface mine): George Washington University has for years pushed back against the notion that it is a pricey school for rich kids. The school grew its financial … Continue reading

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