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And Now We Know Why Sen. McCaskill Supports D.C. Statehood

A couple of weeks ago, Blue Dog Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill (who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed) was asked about Puerto Rican statehoold, to which she responded: Asked this week if she supports Puerto Rico statehood, Sen. McCaskill … Continue reading

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Keeping It Simple: The Case For Universal Policies

In today’s episode, we have the attempt by Democratic-controlled states to fix the ACA (‘Obamacare’; boldface mine): Earnest blue state liberals who are trying hard to make the policy work are inadvertently shifting cost burdens to their poor citizens, while … Continue reading

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Yes, The Democratic Party Declined Under Obama

While I don’t want to get into the whole clash of Democratic personalities (Dear Dems, grow the fuck up), Senator Sanders was right: the Democratic Party was shellacked in 2010, and has declined since. Here’s the total number of state … Continue reading

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Will Rank-And-File Democrats Ever Grow Up And Learn To Be Transactional?

Given the reaction to one line in a recent Sen. Sanders speech (during the Q&A no less), I’m guessing not. While the reaction to Sanders’ comments about Obama is overblown (while also foolish for Sanders to make at that time), … Continue reading

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Is Our Democrats Learning?

Very slowly, and at the state and local level, but, well, baby steps (boldface mine): Lisa Turner isn’t convinced. “You gotta throw away the playbook,” says the former political director of the DLCC, who is now critical of the group … Continue reading

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Regarding The Pelosi Leadership Nontroversy, Some Heartland Whispering Might Be Called For

And I’m not snarking. The NY Times describes how some Democratic officials view House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as an impediment to being re-elected, citing newly-elected Democratic congressman Conor Lamb’s supposed claim that he would vote against her leadership (I … Continue reading

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Betsy With The Good Hair Isn’t That Bad On Education Policy…

…for a significant portion of the Democratic mainstream (boldface mine): But if I’m reading the reaction to the [Education Secretary Betsy DeVos] clip correctly, what seems to be striking most people as ridiculous is DeVos’ advocacy of two particular ideas: … Continue reading

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