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No One Could Have Predicted This Problem With The PPACA

Nope, nobody at all. Sarah Kliff, in “The Obamacare problem that Democrats don’t want to talk about“, writes (boldface mine): Bill Clinton made a very specific critique of Obamacare last week — one that most Democrats won’t. “The people that … Continue reading

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The Problem Is Not One Of ‘Tone-Deafness’

David Dayen, whom progressives usually like unless he’s criticizing Clinton, in which case he is TEH SUXXORS (as the kids used to say), notes the following about speeches she gave to various investment banks (boldface mine): Far from chiding Goldman … Continue reading

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We’re Missing The Point About Trump’s Charges Of Illegitimate Elections

It’s the self-projection, stupid. What I mean by that is everything Trump accuses someone else of doing, he’s doing himself. Sexual assault by Bill Clinton? Turns out Trump is a serial groper–and boasts about it. The Clinton Foundation is thoroughly … Continue reading

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Congressional Republicans Attempt To Limit Access To Abortion In The Mainland Colony

Because, after exposing thousands of D.C. residents to AIDS by opposing needle exchange, why stop there? (boldface mine) When the House of Representatives drafts its annual Financial Services Bill, it’s become a not-so-beloved tradition to include measures that limit the … Continue reading

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The Wages Of Moderate Policy Wonkishness

Or is it wonkery? Anyway, one of the things that rattled around the Democratic primary was what would any Democratic president would be able to accomplish, at best (certain from today’s vantage point), a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. … Continue reading

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Some Post-Debate Thoughts

In no particular order. Here we go: 1. This probably didn’t sway any partisans’ opinions. To Trumpists, Clinton was probably fake, hectoring, and shrill, while Trump hit the regular high notes they’ve come to expect. To Clinton supporters, Trump was … Continue reading

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Be Prepared For The Gish Gallop At Tonight’s Debate

If there’s one near certainty about tonight’s presidential debate, it’s that Trump will do a whole lot of Gish Galloping because, as we like to note, nothing in conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism (with apologies to … Continue reading

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