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Blue Dog ‘Moderation’: It’s About the Campaign Donations, Stupid

Martin Longman makes a very good point about the ersatz moderation of the Blue Dog/New Democrats (boldface mine): If you’re using “Blue Dog” as a synonym for “moderate,” then I don’t disagree. But the Blue Dogs are known for more … Continue reading

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Democratic Voters Are Better Than, but Many Are Still Bad

And we need to recognize that. Last week, this poll came across the transom: As you might imagine, it was correctly viewed as bigotry. Then the polling outfit broke this down by party affiliation: < While most people were focusing … Continue reading

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Sanders’ Very Good Education Plan

Since we’ve discussed Warren’s very good housing program*, let’s discuss Sen. Sanders’ recently released educational program. Before getting to the specifics, it’s very broad and comprehensive, such that it has been described in different ways by different reporters. It has … Continue reading

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How Is This Not Disqualifying for Biden?

As usual, when discussing the Democratic primaries, my disclosure that, were I voting today, I would vote Warren. I had heard about part of this story, but this is really bad for Biden (boldface mine): Centrist Democrat Joe Biden campaigned … Continue reading

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Revisiting Misadventures in Interpreting Democratic Primary Polling Data (LIZLADS ARE THE WORST)

Since we’re discussing the Democratic primaries, I’ll began with my typical disclosure that, were I voting today, I would vote Warren. A month ago, Emerson Polling released a poll, which led to wailing and gnashing of teeth in certain quarters: … Continue reading

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Georgia’s Anti-Abortion Law Is a Democratic Party Failure

Before you blow a gasket, yes, Republicans and conservatives are the ones who pushed for it. But the recent spate of anti-legal and safe abortion legislation in the U.S. must be perceived as a complete, comprehensive, and long-term failure of … Continue reading

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The Importance of the Green New Deal Is the Coalition Building

While most of the discussion of the Green New Deal (GND) focuses on the environmental aspects, one thing that has gone unmentioned is how it serves as a way to build a left-ish coalition. That’s why a lot of the … Continue reading

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