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Bubbles And Conversions

Before I get into this, I’m not trying to drag Kurt Burdella, since it’s clear he’s feeling very unmoored right now. At the same time, we probably wouldn’t agree much on policy. But his Damascene op-ed is very interesting (boldface … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Crapification Of Public Goods

I know everyone, including me, is writing pieces along the lines of ‘if Democrats want to win, they’ll do X’, so I’ll add my take. Admittedly, I have no idea if Democrats were able to do what I’ll propose they … Continue reading

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House Democrats Must Investigate NC’s Voting Fraud

Notice I didn’t write voter fraud, but voting fraud. From the Great State of North Carolina (boldface mine): Allegations of voting irregularities in and around Bladen County swirled on Thursday, with the North Carolina Democratic Party calling for an official … Continue reading

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Performative Politics: The Impeachment Edition

A while ago, I noted this about Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (boldface mine): Democrats would have had repeated opportunities to contrast the two parties, were Republicans to complain. Senate Democrats could have busted out rhetoric like “we’re protecting … Continue reading

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Understanding A Key Part Of The Democratic Coalition

I have been making this point since the 2016 election, but this is worth emphasizing again (boldface mine): Some Trump voters are undoubtedly racist. But racism is a popular and bipartisan endeavor. A much touted Reuters/Ipsos poll from 2016 showed … Continue reading

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House Democrats Are About To Hamstring Themselves

Well, you knew the good times wouldn’t last. The House leadership is pushing hard for a very, very stupid rule (boldface mine): The proposed rule changes require more time for the review of legislation before a floor vote, changing the … Continue reading

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Understanding ‘Bad’ Democratic Voters: The George Soros Edition

A point I have tried to make repeatedly, as it bears on how Democrats can win elections in a country with a lot of white Christian bigots, is that a significant fraction of white racists vote Democratic (typically one-third to … Continue reading

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