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The Trump Administration Finally Admitted What Their COVID-19 Response Plan Is

And it’s what some asshole with a blog told you it was a couple of months ago. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Over the July Fourth weekend (by the way, we’re now calling Independence Day “All Countries Matter Day”, … Continue reading

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Vichy Republicans Test Out Surrender to COVID-19

I don’t like military metaphors for a public health crisis, but the Trump administration’s new slogan about COVID-19 they aired over the weekend, ‘We need to live with it‘, is nothing more than an admission they won’t do anything significant … Continue reading

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COVID-19’s Serious Seven

One of the problems with our testing and tracing system is that the information gathered often isn’t being to inform what activities appear to be especially risky. As some asshole with a blog put it: In light of the recent … Continue reading

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The Think Tank Gap Really Hurt Our COVID-19 Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s becoming more apparent that using a paradigm generated by the American Enterprise Institute might not be the best way to proceed. Unfortunately, all of the think tanks, including the Democratic aligned ones, appear to … Continue reading

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COVID-19, Gyms, and Oslo: The Power of Rarity

I’m sort of surprised this NYT article describing an unreviewed manuscript about gym use and COVID-19 spread in Oslo, Norway hasn’t gotten more play. Here’s a synopsis (boldface mine): Like many countries, Norway ordered all gyms to close in March … Continue reading

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D.C.’s COVID-19 Plateau and the New Normal

For those who follow me on the Twitterz, you’ll know that I have a thread with daily update of D.C.’s COVID-19 related stats, often followed by a quote tweet making an ‘editorial comment’ (though editorial comment is probably too high-falutin’ … Continue reading

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If We Had an Effective Federal Response to COVID-19…

…then what Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did would be grounds for resignation (boldface mine): Gilmore said they told her that a resident in the home had recently gone to the hospital, where she tested positive for COVID-19. The … Continue reading

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School ‘Reopening’ Won’t Solve the Schools-As-Daycare Problem

If Fairfax County and Arlington County in Virginia are any indication, I think many parents are going to be in for a rude awakening when school ‘resumes’ in September. I put resume in scare quotes because having classes two days … Continue reading

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How South Korea’s Response to a Surge Demonstrates American Acquiescence

I realize I’ve been very critical of D.C.’s COVID-19 response recently. But what’s worse is that, compared to most states, it has been a fairly good response. In case you’re wondering, that is damning with faint praise. The southern states … Continue reading

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D.C. Is Entering Phase 2 Today, and D.C. Should Wait

Today, D.C. is entering phase 2 of its reopening. The big changes are restaurants can have indoor seating, gyms can reopen with limited attendance, and houses of worship can allow up to 100 people or 50 percent occupancy (whichever is … Continue reading

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