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Have an Easy Fast

If you’re fasting this Yom Kippur. Since I’ll be busy today, I’ll just use today’s post to remind people to get their COVID and influenza vaccines–and you’re less likely to get long COVID if you’re vaccinated. For me, this COVID … Continue reading

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Biden Administration to Supply More Free COVID Antigen Tests

The good news is Monday, September 25, you can go to and request four free tests. While I would like to see a much larger program, along with free N95 masks, it’s something at least. One reason the Biden … Continue reading

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COVID and Economic Pessimism

Economist Claudia Sahm, both at Substack and Bloomberg, makes the argument that COVID is to blame for poor consumer sentiment. From Bloomberg: Lots of reasons have been given for the gloominess, including political partisanship, the media’s focus on negative news … Continue reading

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A New COVID Normal for D.C.?

After a few weeks of data, it looks like D.C. (and neighborhood Alexandria, VA) have hit a plateau in terms of COVID wastewater concentrations. The good news is we had a decline last week. The bad news is the new … Continue reading

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Anti-COVID Precaution Vice Signaling Has Real Consequences

Unfortunately, those who fuck around really won’t find out. From the Great State of Florida (boldface mine): A large retirement community in Tamarac, Florida, has just announced that the clubhouse where hundreds of seniors gather on a weekly basis for … Continue reading

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CDC Presentation: Long COVID Occurs at Non-Trivial Frequencies

While the obvious importance of Tuesday’s ACIP meeting was the approval of the new booster shot (for everyone), the presentation on long COVID should be a bombshell, though given the unwillingness of most journalists to ask policy makers (politicians and … Continue reading

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D.C. Is (COVID) Surging Again

Last week, given a surprising downturn in both D.C. and neighboring Alexandria, VA, some asshole with a blog noted: While I hope this is simply a delay in the downward trend and not the start of another upward trend, I … Continue reading

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COVID Surrealism at the U.S. Open

Earlier this week, I blogged about the ‘mystery outbreak’ at the U.S. Open, and how it shouldn’t be a mystery at all: for about $12, the price of a box of 2 rapid antigen tests, one can determine if you … Continue reading

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The Failure to Ask about Long COVID: The BBC Edition

Recently, the BBC interviewed former NIAID director Tony Fauci about the prospects for COVID this fall and winter, and Fauci uttered: Even though you’ll find the vulnerable will will fall by the wayside, they’ll get infected, they’ll get hospitalized, and … Continue reading

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The Contagious Disease That Shall Not Be Named–According to the NY Times

The NY Times recent coverage of a ‘mysterious’ illness sweeping through the U.S. Open in Forest Hills, NY is surreal. Here’s a taste (boldface mine): Jabeur, who reached the U.S. Open final last year, is among several players who have … Continue reading

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