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COVID and Streptococcus

Over the last few months, there has been quite the internet kerfuffle about whether COVID infections result in a subsequent susceptibility to other infections (I’m trying to avoid some of the terminology used because it often has been used very … Continue reading

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We Should Offer Boosters Every Six Months, Not Yearly

This week, FDA advisors will be meeting to discuss, among other things, if the COVID vaccine should be switched to a yearly schedule. I think this is a bad idea, and instead, we should give people the option to get … Continue reading

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Davos: On COVID, Watch What We Do, Not What We Say

This week, the Davos World Economic Forum, which is a gathering of powerful and famous assholes along with a few decent people who are trying to convince said assholes to occasionally do the right thing, convened. What was noticeable were … Continue reading

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COVID and Congressional Procedure

Over the last couple of years, there have been times when the Democratic legislative agenda was hampered, not by Co-Chairman of All Senate Committees Joe Manchin and Manic Pixie Dream Senator Krysten Sinema, but by members being unable to attend … Continue reading

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If Only Jha Knew Someone Important

Like, let’s say a president (boldface mine): As the United States enters its third full covid winter, a top administration official is warning that the permanence of the coronavirus in the disease landscape could mean brutal and long-lasting seasonal surges … Continue reading

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Long COVID Is Now an Economic Problem

While I’m all for workers being in the (non-Tesla) driver’s seat, this is a bad reason for labor shortages (boldface mine): Some 1.5 million people missed work because of an illness last month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. … Continue reading

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Waves Versus Ripples at High Tide

Throughout much of the COVID pandemic, we’ve seen sharp peaks in cases and hospitalizations, followed by dramatic drops. But that seems to be changing now. Here are the hospitalization data for New York state as annotated by T. Ryan Gregory: … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in D.C., COVID Prevalence Rises

Maybe. Because we still don’t have publicly available asymptomatic hospital patient intake data. But I digress. It appears the percentage of students who tested positive based on rapid antigen tests is 0.75% and the staff percentage is 1.73% (full results … Continue reading

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Will 2024 Be a Vaccine Election?

So asks Paul Krugman. I think it might be, but I hope not, since that means things have become very bad. Unlike Krugman, I don’t think it will be a referendum on COVID vaccination (Democrats would be ok if it … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas…

…well, being Jewish, it’s akshually Hanukah (which started last night! Gut Yontif!). Anyway, to help out overworked staff and limit the hospitalization of sick children, it would be great if people wore high-quality* masks in public indoor places, got tested … Continue reading

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