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We’re Suffering from “Pandemic Fatigue” Too, Assholes

Very uncivil, I know… In many stories, columns, or blog posts, we often encounter the phrase “pandemic fatigue.” Pandemic fatigue is meant to describe how people no longer want to wear masks or do other things to protect people. Of … Continue reading

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We’ve Created a False Tradeoff Between Promoting Vaccination and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

And it didn’t need to happen, and we should stop. One of the things I’ve noticed over the last eighteen months is a reluctance to claim that vaccination, while incredibly beneficial, doesn’t stop everything, since that would be interpreted as … Continue reading

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Two Questions That Likely Won’t Be Asked at Tomorrow’s COVID Task Force Press Conference

Because the political press corps, which will be featured front and center, knows nothing about the topic at hand, and thus sucks at its job (though I suppose that’s par for the course akshually!). Anyway, tomorrow the COVID Task Force … Continue reading

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Even the Washington Post Understands Long COVID

Though I think Ezekiel Emanuel’s estimates of long COVID incidence likely are too high–more about that later this week (boldface mine): The covid-19 pandemic is over. That is what most Americans seem to believe as they cram together for Formula … Continue reading

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The COVID Data We Need in a Time of Low COVID Testing

Another day, another story about how we’re dramatically underestimating the prevalence of COVID because of massive undertesting, in part due to at-home antigen testing and in part because resources for COVID prevention are being cut across the board. I know … Continue reading

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Biden’s and Fauci’s De Facto Answers About COVID Risk in a Time of Omicron

A while ago, I asked, “Do Biden and Fauci Plan on Getting Omicron Themselves?“: This isn’t a gotcha question. Yes, Biden is the president and Fauci the head of NIAID and someone with considerable influence in the administration. But that’s … Continue reading

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The State of COVID-19 in D.C.: Over Twenty Percent of Residents Infected in One Month

That, as the kids used to say, escalated rapidly. If there’s good news, it’s that the official count of COVID positive cases dropped: That said, it’s worth noting that, under the old community transmission benchmarks, our daily new positive case … Continue reading

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SurveySeroprevalence says: Omicron Infected Lots of People

You probably guessed that, but it’s good to have seroprevalence data, even if the CDC website hasn’t been updated yet. From EID (boldface mine): Sera are tested for anti-nucleocapsid (anti-N) antibodies, which are produced in response to infection but are … Continue reading

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Masking and the Anger Gap

One of the few coherent thoughts I had during my week of crudiness was the notion of an ‘anger gap’ when it comes to masking and other protections against COVID-19. What I mean is that the anti-maskers are full of … Continue reading

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A Brief Personal Thought on Long COVID

Regular readers will note that last week was the first time in a long, long time I haven’t posted regularly. As I mentioned last week, I came down with a really nasty virus (not influenza or COVID-19) last Friday, and … Continue reading

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