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Why We Need to ‘Politicize’ Tragedy: It’s How People Change Their Minds

In one of the best posts about the fundamentalist resistance to change (really, take the time and read the whole thing), Sara Robinson (herself from that background) writes (boldface mine): Two or three times a week, we find new members … Continue reading

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Is the Pope Catholic? Not According to Rush Limbaugh

It has been absolutely amazing to observe the astonishment over Pope Francis’ pronouncements on economic inequality and social justice. I’m not surprised–the Jesuits have been very good on these issues. In fact, by their standards, the current Pope is rather … Continue reading

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All of Romney’s Gall Can Be Divided Into Three Parts (On His Benghazi Consulate Dog Whistle)

With apologies to Gaius Iulius Caesar. While I’ve read a great deal of appropriate outrage over Romney’s disgusting remarks made after the Benghazi embassy attack (although it was actually a four hour long battle), what I haven’t seen is the … Continue reading

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What Is the Catholic Church’s Long Game?

So the Catholic Church hierarchy in the U.S. has announced that in late June they will begin “A Fortnight of Freedom“, which seems to primarily revolve around the anger at being unable to force their non-Catholic employees of Catholic organizations … Continue reading

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We Should Eliminate the Tax Deduction for Charitable Giving and Exemption for Religious Organizations

I don’t want to do that, because I think we should encourage people to give. But the basic problem is that too many ‘charities’ are political organizations masquerading as do-gooder entities. And tax deductions always favor the rich over the … Continue reading

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Changing Evangelical Views on Abortion and the Moral Majority’s Original Sin

Fred Clark reminds us of a very important point–evangelicals, until the late 70s and early 80s, were far more liberal on the issue of abortion than they are today (boldface mine, emphasis original): That year, Christianity Today — edited by … Continue reading

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Because We Need Some Occupy Wall Street Humor

This cracked me up: Historical aside: To the extent Jesus’ assault on the money changers actually occurred, his point probably wasn’t anti-usury, but to emphasize that the end times were near, so you shouldn’t waste your time changing money (People … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Turning Economics Into a Faith-Based Discipline

The thing that has puzzled me throughout the long aftermath of the collapse of Big Shitpile is the willingness to do nothing. The issue isn’t a disagreement over how to reduce unemployment. Instead, there is a general consensus not to … Continue reading

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And Romney Just Scared Liberals Into Supporting Obama

Say hello to Robert Bork.
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Refusing to Cede the Moral High Ground on Abortion

Abortion isn’t the lesser of two evils–it is a just and good thing.
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