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Links 7/31/16

Links for you. Science: Trump Is Waging A War On Napping. Here’s The Science Of Why He’s Wrong. The controversial practice of storing carbon underground may be safer than we thought English Bulldogs Have Reached a Genetic Dead End Meet … Continue reading

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No Nation Can Endure Half Fox News And Half Free

To use Comrade driftglass‘ phrase. Pathetic (boldface mine): Instead, as Media Matters for America documented, the network’s hosts offered punditry as a video about Capt. Khan’s death played, and then showed an anti-Clinton attack ad about Benghazi, followed by commercials, … Continue reading

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Links 7/30/16

Links for you. Science: Mysterious Purple Orb (there’s still lots of undiscovered stuff out there) DNA Study Says Only One Kind of Wolf in North America: The Gray Wolf They’re super healthy, but dying of heart disease. What’s happening to … Continue reading

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Metro, Triumphantly Moving Forward, Will Dramatically Cut Service

So I’m not even going to mention that not only hasn’t Metro fixed the cooling system at Dupont Circle and Farragut North (or that they now can’t even offer an estimate of when it will be fixed). Oops I kinda … Continue reading

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Links 7/29/16

Links for you. Science: First mammal shown to have gone extinct as a direct result of climate change Colombia declares its Zika epidemic over A Dam Pushes A Great American Fish Toward Extinction How Women Are Harassed Out of Science … Continue reading

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Maybe Now, We’ll Take Electronic Voting Hacking Seriously?

This column by Bruce Scheier raises a very good point about the November elections (boldface mine): Even more important, we need to secure our election systems before autumn. If Putin’s government has already used a cyberattack to attempt to help … Continue reading

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Links 7/28/16

Links for you. Science: Deepak Chopra Says Bacteria Listen To Our Thoughts Today’s misleading overselling the #microbiome – U. Chicago on Alzheimer’s and gut microbes Jill Stein, Anti-Vaxxer and Homeopathy Sympathizer – Whocoodanode? Second case of Zika in Florida may … Continue reading

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On NATO, Russia, And Epistemic Closure

Note: I wrote this before Trump’s Russian hacking comments–there’s no conceivable way to keep up with Motormouth. That said, I think the same argument applies to that issue. As I’ve mention several times before, I think Clinton wins the election–at … Continue reading

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Links 7/27/16

Links for you. Science: The Channel Islands are California’s Galapagos Clinton unveils plans for US science Invasive lionfish have reached the Mediterranean. Luckily they’re tasty … To Protect the Food Supply, Spend More Federal Money Zika is found in common … Continue reading

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People Have To Like This Crap: The Infrastructure Edition

Edward Luce is right (boldface mine): What is glaringly absent from her campaign is an economic message people can recall. It is a mystery Mrs Clinton does not stage a photo-op every week in front of crumbling infrastructure and vow … Continue reading

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