Links 7/30/16

Links for you. Science:

Mysterious Purple Orb (there’s still lots of undiscovered stuff out there)
DNA Study Says Only One Kind of Wolf in North America: The Gray Wolf
They’re super healthy, but dying of heart disease. What’s happening to astronauts?
Too many mice are sacrificed for seriously flawed studies
Major global partnership to speed antibiotic development launched


I was attacked by a Clinton delegate tonight. Here’s what happened (it’s revealing that a Clinton supporter thought that Sanders supporters were old white men, when young women were his strongest demographic)
The End of the Democratic Defensive Crouch on Abortion Rights
Hillary Clinton did very well indeed — with one small reservation (point #2 is noteworthy)
After More Than a Decade, The Suspects—D.C.’s Beloved Street Punks—Reunite
Who Loves America?
Dispute over Metrorail operator’s break almost resulted in a head-on collision
Maryland couple fined more than $500,000 for sending kids to D.C. schools
DNC DAY 3/4.
@NAACP calls for national moratorium on charters
Teacher cognitive ability around the world
The Diverse Left and White Working-Class Right
Trump is Uniquely Dangerous? Hardly
Democrats’ Latest Platform Silent on Discriminatory Welfare System
Switching Off Red Light Cameras Likely Cost Lives, IIHS Says
The fall and rise of full employment
Top 5 Alternatives To Hillary Clinton For Progressives Post-Sanders
Vincent Orange Named New Head Of D.C. Chamber Of Commerce (this fucking guy)

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