No Nation Can Endure Half Fox News And Half Free

To use Comrade driftglass‘ phrase. Pathetic (boldface mine):

Instead, as Media Matters for America documented, the network’s hosts offered punditry as a video about Capt. Khan’s death played, and then showed an anti-Clinton attack ad about Benghazi, followed by commercials, as his father began to speak.

Then at 9:15 p.m., just as Khan moved to the climax of his speech, the Fox anchor Megyn Kelly alerted her viewers to what she called some urgent news. “Breaking tonight,” she said, “FBI Director James Comey delivering a dark assessment of our fight against terror, saying a win against ISIS overseas could cause the terrorists to come west.” However, the remarks from Comey the network then played instead of Khan’s speech were not new, they were made, and widely reported on, on Wednesday morning, 36 hours earlier.

More awfulness (boldface mine):

As she was promoted through the ranks at Fox, Luhn worked harder and harder to please Ailes. She zealously promoted the network’s right-wing agenda. “I was very proud of the product. I was very proud of how we handled 9/11. Very proud of how we handled the run-up to the Iraq War,” she said. “My job was to sell the war. I needed to get people on the air that were attractive and articulate and could convey the importance of this campaign. It was a drumbeat.”

It’s one thing to have biases, but this is flat out propaganda. That it was orchestrated by a moral degenerate should come as no surprise, but when one realizes how much Fox agitprop has become part and parcel of movement conservatism, not to mention the fevered nightmares of their slavering Uruk-hai base, it is terrifying to realize how much of conservatism as it is really exists (not the fantasies of think tank wonks and reformicons) is the result of propaganda put forth by a moral degenerate and his minions.

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  1. Gingerbaker says:

    “It’s one thing to have biases, but this is flat out propaganda.”

    Hey, it has been demonstrable propaganda for decades. Evidently, they are protected by the 1st Amendment. But… the U.S. owns all bandwidth – including cable. The stations on broadcast TV, interestingly, had a charter they had to comply with, and that meant they had to serve the public interest. The founding discussions about the broadcast system were explicit that reliable news had crucial role to play in a strong democracy.

    That meant that news programs were expected to NOT be propaganda outlets. I would imagine – I don’t KNOW it to be the case – that cable and internet broadcasting stations today would or could be expected to meet the same charter expectations.

    IOW, the Fox “News” charter to use the U.S. bandwidth, despite 1st Amendment protections, might well be revoked if an effort was mounted to get tough. It is worth looking into.

    It would also be a strong political move for the Democratic Party if they ever felt like maybe it was time to have some principles. They would be the “strong father figure” punishing a very unruly child, and if they were stern enough and succeeded, conservatives would only respect their display of strength and moral conviction. They would likely pick up more independent voters.

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