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OK, it was yesterday, but it’s still pretty funny. In response to this post about Answers Research Journal, a peer-reviewed creationist journal, Joshua of The Adventures of Tobasco de Gama writes:

Hmm. Do you have to use the “Blogging About Peer-Reviewed Research” tag/icon when rebutting ARJ articles?

This is pretty funny too.

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4 Responses to Comment of the Day

  1. Joshua says:

    Thanks, Mike. I pretty much live for making snarky comments, so I appreciate the recognition. đŸ˜‰
    (As for the 1-31-07 post, I have to admit with sadness that the image isn’t mine. It’s just one of those things that swept across the internet seemingly within minutes of the BPD releasing photos of the Deadly Terrorist LED Mooninite last year.)

  2. Barn Owl says:

    I think we should submit hoax articles to the hoax journal, with author “pen names” such as:
    I.N.O. Goddidit
    Noah Sark
    Cat S. Troffic-Floods
    Izzy N. DeBible
    Perhaps ScienceBlogs could host a contest, to come up with possible titles and abstracts.

  3. Aukcje says:

    Brilliant article. And a good example at the same time.

  4. nusret says:

    very thanks for article

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