Regarding The Pelosi Leadership Nontroversy, Some Heartland Whispering Might Be Called For

And I’m not snarking. The NY Times describes how some Democratic officials view House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as an impediment to being re-elected, citing newly-elected Democratic congressman Conor Lamb’s supposed claim that he would vote against her leadership (I write supposed because he didn’t actually say that; he said he would consider all options). For conservatives, Pelosi is apparently their new Specter of Doom. In response, there have been defenses of Pelosi, including arguments that Pelosi-bashers are motivated by misogyny.

This is one of those rare times when sending out reporters to find out why conservatives and conservative-leaning voters dislike Pelosi. To put it more simply, getting them to say out loud why would be very instructive. I suspect the antipathy has less to do with Pelosi being a powerful woman (though that will be part of it) and much more to do with her being from San Francisco. In the conservative popular mind, San Francisco is home of TEH GAY SEXX! That’s what is driving this: hatred of liberal (and therefore GAY!) San Francisco. A good reporter would be able to tease this out.

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5 Responses to Regarding The Pelosi Leadership Nontroversy, Some Heartland Whispering Might Be Called For

  1. bob says:

    More significantly (IMO), progressive Democrats oppose Pelosi because of her longstanding opposition to progressives running in Democratic primaries. She is one of the most wretched examples of the DCCC destroying the principles of the Democratic Party.

  2. You would think it had nothing to do with her being a powerful woman. You never think it does.

  3. sglover says:

    I know it’s wrong to have a working memory, but before you go publishing the General Unified Theory on Right-Wing motivations you might want to recall that it wasn’t so very long ago that Republicans were painting Tom Fucking Daschle, about as useless a Dem milksop nonentity as there’s ever been, as some kind of latter-day Stalin. Perhaps the lesson to be drawn here is that Pelosi attracts right-wing attacks because she’s a prominent member of Dem “leadership”, nothing more. (But I know it feels so good to have it your way.)

    Oh, and by all means spend lots of energy defending Pelosi, who’s major “achievement” has always been hoovering up dollars from billionaires. Thanks in no small part to her leadership, the Democratic Party is renowned as a resilient, dependable friend of working people, a real paragon of strategic thinking and political effectiveness.

  4. If political scientists understood that Jane Goodall was a scientist *they* would tease this out. But it’s not statistics so it’s crap.

  5. Also, your comments make clear what the KPD and the SPD proved long ago:

    Ain’t no hate like the hate leftists have for those in the arena.

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