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The Ghost of Iraq Past

I can’t remember exactly the excuse given by every Democrat who supported giving Bush the power to invade Iraq–and let’s cut the bullshit, everyone knew he would use that authority, so it was a vote for the war–but it was … Continue reading

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War and Predictions

With Il Trumpe et alia engaging in an act of war against Iran (no, this isn’t ‘spiraling towards war’–it is war), there will be a lot of punditry and other opinion mongering. The only good thing about not casting out … Continue reading

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Sunday Sermon: Iraq And The Very Serious People

Worst band name EVAR by the way (boldface mine): The first lesson is the importance and rarity of sound, realistic judgment on foreign policy — above all in the use of military force. Washington Post columnist Max Boot is right … Continue reading

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Stop Rehabilitating George W. Bush

Last week, Little Lord Pontchartrain SLAMMED! NAILED! EVISCERATED! DISEMBOWLED! Il Trumpe. Could what passes for the kinda left stop slobbering over him? He was an awful president. Not only was his presidency the only time I have ever worried about … Continue reading

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What’s The Technical Reason To Not Believe Russia Interfered In U.S. Elections?

A side note before I address the question asked by the post title: one incredibly frustrating thing is how most post-election commentary (well, and pre-election too) are arguments by proxy. One issue is raised to bash someone over another one. … Continue reading

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Warmongering: Still A Form Of Privilege

I’ve addressed this issue before, but this tweet by John Aravosis really pisses me off: Serious question: Does everyone remember if they were for or against the Iraq war in 2003 AT THE TIME. I honestly don’t. — John Aravosis … Continue reading

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Letting Bygones-Be-Bygones? The Iraq War Debate

After reading about and seeing clips of last night’s Democratic debate, the foreign policy segment got to me for two reasons. First, it would be nice, though it will never happen, if Democratic and Republican candidates were to admit there … Continue reading

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Warmongering: A Bizarre Form of Privilege

At some point, I’ll flesh this out more, but in looking at my Twitter feed from Saturday night’s debate, I saw several things from my Twitter feed from Clinton supporters like this: I honestly think it’s a waste of time … Continue reading

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Saturday Sermon: On Punditry and Repentance

Peter Beinart, who was a prominent Iraq War supporter, and who now realizes the errors of his ways, writes (boldface mine): I have a fantasy. It’s that every politician and pundit who goes on TV to discuss the Iran deal … Continue reading

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Evidence of Just How Stupid Our Foreign Policy Establishment Is

And it’s a resilient establishment–there is a limited range of opinion, and those outside of it don’t last very long. Nearly two years ago, I wrote this about Our Excellent Syrian Intervention (boldface added): Yes, we might be sending a … Continue reading

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