Warmongering: A Bizarre Form of Privilege

At some point, I’ll flesh this out more, but in looking at my Twitter feed from Saturday night’s debate, I saw several things from my Twitter feed from Clinton supporters like this:

I don’t get this. Let’s leave aside that a line can be traced from the Iraq War to the recent Paris attacks. Let’s ignore that the vote for the Iraq War is part of a hawkish foreign policy pattern (e.g., Libya and Syria) that has also led to destabilization of those countries (no one could have predicted…). Let’s even allow a reinvention of history and pretend that Clinton’s pro-war vote, like John Kerry’s, was something more than quintessentially cynical and vile New Democrat positioning.

What I don’t understand is how so many left-leaning types who were vehemently against Iraq are suddenly willing to let bygones be bygones. Some people aren’t really in a position to do that. They have to live with the consequences of that shitty war every damn day.

It is a form of privilege to be able to ‘move on’ and argue there should be no consequences of supporting the biggest foreign policy mistake in the last couple of decades. It’s revolting. Forget ‘checking your privilege’: check your fucking humanity–to see if it’s still there.

I will support Clinton in the general election because she will be better than any Republican–I’ve done worse. But why some would so eagerly and happily support a warmonger when there is someone else who got it right as an alternative escapes me.

Some are more fortunate than others I suppose.

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3 Responses to Warmongering: A Bizarre Form of Privilege

  1. harrync says:

    I am willing to forget Iraq. What I can’t forget is her support of our move to stop Gadaffi from wiping out Islamic extremists in Libya. He is doing our dirty work for us, and we stop him? Idiocy. But as you say, compared to any Republican…

  2. dolphin says:

    Oh, hell, no. I will not support another Clinton in the WH. She and Slick Willie have been in the Bush camp since waaaay long ago. What you’re seeing is a pick between Bush or Bush. And don’t believe everything you see on the TV. I encourage you to look up false flags on youtube. Have a good stiff drink handy, because everything we have been told has been a freaking lie….beginning with George H.W. Bush being involved in JFK’s murder. See Jim Fetzer on youtube, a veteran whom has done a lot of research on the subject…and how it relates to 9/11 and today.

  3. Kathy Barker says:

    But if you vote for Clinton, don’t you become one of those folks who are moving on from a known warmonger and the consequences? Pragmatism is pretty damn deadly.

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